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From the hills of Hollywood hailed one of the most bizarre yet intriguing characters in WWE history...


The character of Goldust was first introduced to the WWE Universe in 1995. A Superstar renown for playing mind games with his opponents, Goldust dressed, spoke, and acted abstractly. He quoted lines from major motion pictures in his monologues. He engaged in what some would consider to be a kind of "homoerotic" psychological warfare with his opponents. His entire appearance was quite reminiscent of an Academy Award statue, decked in gold from head to toe. His entrance theatrics made many wonder if they were actually watching a Hollywood film unfold, as the picture would go to widescreen, "Shattered Dreams Productions" and "24 Karat Pictures" would appear in bold, and the arena would be showered with golden confetti.

The Goldust character was, by WWE standards at the time, quite avant-garde and ahead of its time. Goldust is remembered fondly by members of the WWE Universe as a unique individual who would not hesitate to play a mind game or two with an adversary.

Here are some of the intriguing vignettes that aired during the early days of the Goldust character.

And now it's time to attempt to type the unorthodox personality of the man "whose name you'll never forget..."

...the one and only Goldust.​
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