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General Statement:
Their gusto an enthusiasm can make them seem somewhat argumentative in an intimate relationship. They appreciate the excitement of every encounter, especially from a mate who is willing to challenge them on their ideas. Such hearty exchanges are gateways to genuine affection and deepening commitment.​
First Impressions:
Robust, in charge, and proud to let the world know about it. They can appear arrogant, maybe even impatient when thing seem listless. They love verbal exchanges and can quickly move a conversation into a win-lose argument.​
Often clear and quite articulate, reflecting a good command of the language. They like to engage in spirited banter and appreciate people who are willing to take them on. They can be stunned when their enthusiasm for a point of view is interpreted as anger or argumentativeness. It's as if they're saying, "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the conversation."​
Sex and Intimacy:
Like everything else, this is an opportunity for leading and learning. Leave it to this type to convert the most intimate of moments into sn opportunity for joint learning through creative leadership.​
Often very effective with their money. They can often be geniuses to manipulate finances to accomplish goals. All phases of finances are just another system to measure life--and the ENTJ's success. Effective financial success for them is sufficient proof of competency.​
They can be dynamic and creative. In fact, what most others call a conflict is only a "healthy discussion" to an ENTJ, and it is likely to produce a number of creative and powerful lessons for both people.​
Though an ENTJ may try to redefine it through clever use of words, generally, commitment is seen as a very objective act into which one enters with great seriousness. The ENTJ can assume personal responsibility for fulfilling the commitment.​
This is an opportunity for joint learning and leading. The children are challenged daily so that growth and development are never-ending. The gift of the ENTJ parent to children is that they will grow into independent adults, having been challenged and confronted at every turn.​
They are often more excited by the form than the content of a contract. What does it say? What does it mean? How will it be accomplished? What benchmarks are built in to measure progress? What next steps are there when the contract is satisfied? These are among the many queries an ENTJ will pose in the process of refining, arguing, and ultimately fulfilling the contract.​
Ending Relationships:
They are clear that a relationship is over if all of the opportunities for learning are past or complete. It's time to move on to the next situation. When this happens, the ENTJ can be seen as uncaring, unloving, or uninterested because of the objectivity with which they discuss the relationship's demise.

--Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen, 16 Ways to Love your Lover
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