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Hello there to any body who is listening!

Back in April I promised to post vlogs, and do the April Daily Blog challenge or whatever. But like most projects I intend to finish....I never even start :tongue:
Joyful little Tina... too many big ideas in such a tiny head.
Besides that... I will hopefully hopefully post a vlog or two in the next coming week. If anyone cares even 2% about it, then PLEASE pwees, send in a topic or question you'd like me to blab about. I'll try to keep my vlogs short and sweet :)

My idea as of now is to make a weekly vlog about being a teen ENFJ or advice to people trying to relate to their teens, anything that people are interested in I will talk about. So once again, don't be shy and comment something you'd like to hear my (not so important but decently humorous...maybe) opinion about :crazy:

BUT I will triumph my own procrastination and try to blog/vlog about something decent. Like this post if you may possibly watch a vlog or two of mine,
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