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Gr! I get a different type on every test, and every TIME I test!

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Okay, so I have gotten everything from INTP to ENFP to ENTP to ENTJ. I think I'm leaning towards the ENFP because that's the one I got the first time I took it. However, I took the test on human metrics, and my percentages were E: 56% N: 38% T: 1% J: 11% when I just took it. And I'm just full of contradictions. I am extremely outgoing, yet have a very hard time approaching people and especially opening up to anything past meaningless drivel talk. I'm very merciful and forgiving, yet I am extremely logical in my way of thinking. I make lists, and I am obsessive over making the 'right' choice and I love having things clean and organized, yet I definitely work in bursts and do not EVER finish what I start unless I have a deadline for it. The only thing I am positive of is that I am an N. Very intuitive, always thinking of the future and trying to read in between the lines. I'm almost positive of the 'E', and I think I am a 'P', but the whole T/F thing is a complete toss-up. Any help?

EDIT:After further research I'm positive that I am EN*P. How do I tell my thinking/feeling preference?
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