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My guess is ENFP or INFP. It's hard to say. You definitely have major clashes with Fe-type (and a negative Mother complex to boot, which doesn't help). But some of the symptoms of how you act when you are stressed, especially the line about not wanting to ever be stuck seem to point pretty squarely toward Inferior Introverted Sensation (really dominant Ne). But that being said you are very self-reflective in a introverted way, (typically extraverts are not so self-reflective but rather describe their lives almost from the third person) but the focus on problems coming from within, psychosomatic or otherwise still makes me think Extravert. (With introverts, typically the threat always comes from outside, its an external thing that causes the negative psychological or physiological reactions, a fear of being consumed by the outside world, which is why they retract back into their introverted mindsets - with Extraverts its 'what's deep inside' that is the great unknown, the things that take place psychologically or physiologically might be a great mystery or perplexing to them). This may very well be the case with you, but like I said your focus on Introverted Sensation in such a negative way makes me suspect otherwise.

One of the things though that made me suspect Fi-dom was the fact that you also have very negative Thinking, which tends to be more of a Fi-dom thing. You consistently devalue Thinking into these sort of 'all or nothing' platitudes, which is usually indicative of Inferior Thinking, but because you have such a feel for the esoteric, the things that cannot be explained with words, the ideational, it still leaves me in the dominant Intuitive camp (and because I think if you were an INFJ, you'd probably get along better with Fe-types), it basically leaves us with ENFP. There's just a lot of Ne/Inferior-Si here, too much really for Si to be your Tertiary function, and although your Thinking is suspect, I don't think its so suspect to call you an Inferior Thinking type.

Like I said there's just a lot of Intuition and negative Sensation going on here.
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