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Hello. Hola. Bonsoir. Guten Abend. Goedenavond. Buonasera. Boa noite. Salaam. Shalom. Privyet. Namaste. Hej. Hei. Zdrasti. Sveiki.
Right, so. To avoid becoming more redundant...
Greetings to you all. I now have one post on this site... muhaha.

And no, I am not that dashing man in the avatar picture, though I do appreciate his music quite a lot. ^^.
And so another INTJ is to be inducted into the Secret Society of Evil Overlords (or I am to assume one exists - otherwise what kind of masterminds are you o.o)...

Eh, but as for the real introduction, and I do not intend to make a Mona Lisa for this one but: Fourteen year old female, aspiring (astro?)physicist... detached, quiet ... a sense of humour that scares people. Nothing out of the norm, I suppose. ...There are only 10 people in this world who can relate to and have a real conversation with me right now - my INTP brother (he actually has Asperger's, apparently that's not too unheard of in the INTx realm) and a 24 year old ENTJ. I'm grateful they exist.

But blah. I digress.

May the f=ma be with you! :cool:

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