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I'm not really sure what interests I should lead with. I usually just lurk across fora taking in whatever knowledge I come upon.

I completed an eight year contract in the U.S. Naval Hospital Corps with five of those years as a combat medic for the Marine Corps. Some of my best memories are from those years but I currently struggle with existential disillusionment on the regular. I sometimes re-read posts on mbtifiction to remind myself of how important it is to be kind to others and not drown in thoughts I shouldn't necessarily dwell on.

My very best friends are a male INTP-T and a female ENFP-T. They've never really known me in a state of good mental health but they've stuck by me ever since meeting them, seven years ago.

I play video games to de-stress at the end of some days. I've been in love with The Phantom Pain's open world since its release and I recently finished another playthrough of the Saints Row franchise to sate my love for character creators. I'm intrigued at the thought of building my own game world: maybe I'll give it a shot, one day.


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