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Greetings, I'm an INTJ. I'm a scientist apparently. Nice to meet you.

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I took three different personality tests online and it turns put I got INTJ on everyone of them. I did some research on the matter and (if wikipedia isn't lying again) that this is the rarest type for females, yes? I want to know if there are others like me aswell.
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There are definitely some like you here.
Welcome @Zoamelgustar

Nice to meet a real INTJ Scientist

You, INTJ females are almost as rare as we, the INFJ males are. ;)
Welcome, @Zoamelgustar!

Official statistics are here:

My MBTI Personality Type - My MBTI Results - How Frequent Is My Type?

They claim INFJs and ENTJs are more rare (in the US anyway), and INTJs are about on par with types like ENTP and ENFJ. Note that an even distribution of type would be 6.25% each though, so saying INTJs are 2-4% doesn't make them quite as rare as one might initially imagine.
Hi Zoamelgustar.

Yepp, female INTJ's seem to be rare. But here you have another one. :)
Welcome to the forum :happy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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