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Hello, there!!!

I'd like to be referred to as "Babydoll" around these parts. I'm a vegetarian that takes lots of pictures, has a clothing hoarding problem; and will consider her life complete when she has a doberman, small cottage and a book of her poetry on a shelf of her local library. Also, when most of my Elementary school peers chose pop stars as role models, I chose Freddie Mercuy as mine, (if this says anything about my personality/fashion sense).

I'm an ENFP and an Enneagram #4.

I've only lurked on here for a total of four hours, and I LOVE you all already!
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Babydoll, I saw you in some of the other threads already, and I just wanted to say that you're the first person I've seen that incorporated their intro into their signature, that was a cute idea.

Welcome, and I hope you'll be a robot someday.
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