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Hello, there!!!

I'd like to be referred to as "Babydoll" around these parts. I'm a vegetarian that takes lots of pictures, has a clothing hoarding problem; and will consider her life complete when she has a doberman, small cottage and a book of her poetry on a shelf of her local library. Also, when most of my Elementary school peers chose pop stars as role models, I chose Freddie Mercuy as mine, (if this says anything about my personality/fashion sense).

I'm an ENFP and an Enneagram #4.

I've only lurked on here for a total of four hours, and I LOVE you all already!
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Thank you very much for the warm welcome!!!

Looking at your profile, I see we're both Generation Y, Floridian, ENFP's- very glad to meet you. :)
Oh snap! A newbie ENFP! Welcome darling!
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Very nice! I do miss living in Orlando, though I'm not too far to visit whenever the mood strikes. I'm currently in the Kissimmee area. :)
Freddie Mercury did, indeed, make a interesting role model. He helped me through some tough times, I always admired the way he carried himself, no matter what was thrown his way. I'm glad you enjoyed the song! I believe optimism breeds optimism as well; i've been working on my profile, so I'm pleased to hear that someone did visit it. :)
Also, "You get what you give" is one of my favorite songs, and a motto of mine.

I am having a ton of fun thus far,, thank you so much!
Welcome! I enjoyed your profile video "You Get What You Give"! Optimism breeds optimism with me, good stuff! Also, Freddie Mercury makes for a very interesting role model! Have fun!
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Thank you for the welcome, and compliment!

I kind of fell in love with this site at first glance; it combines a whole bunch of my favorite topics in one place. I figured if I loved the site enough to start posting like crazy, I might as well have a reference point for people to find out more about me or say "Hi"- just in case anyone wondered "Who is this babydoll person" haha!

Thank you again for the welcome!
Babydoll, I saw you in some of the other threads already, and I just wanted to say that you're the first person I've seen that incorporated their intro into their signature, that was a cute idea.

Welcome, and I hope you'll be a robot someday.
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Thank you, very much!!
Welcome to the forum :happy:
Thought I'd drop a line and say that I have switched my username, from Babydoll to Voicetrocity. .
I've also finally finished updating my profile, for now.

I'd also like to give a shout out to @Thekingofdreams and @chickydoda for engaging me in conversation on here. I've been mostly lurking around the ENFP and General Chat forums lately. Also, the wonderful mods on here, who seem to be doing a great job. And Thank you, thank you to @TreeBob for changing my username.

Thought I'd say "HI" and that I haven't been scared off.... yet (not that I expected to be). ;-).
Thank you!! I've very much enjoyed my time here so far. ^_^
Welcome to the Forum!!
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