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I grew up spoiled. Middle class New Yorker, got many things I wanted, barely did any chores growing up, have traveled to many places under the budget of my parents, AND got spanked hard ( just to balance things out).

Early 20's...and I can say that it has been a detriment more so than instrumental to my upbringing. The biggest drawback: work ethic. I have none. I am suffering, and it doesn't help to be an INFP, since we tend to be ADHDish about life. I can't stay on track for goals I want achieve, because my mind is hard-wired in EXPECTING things to be handed to me. However, I AM aware of this, yet it is so fucking frustrating.

For example, I wanted to write this book. Writer blocks comes, and...I've moved on to another project. I moved on because the obstacle was too grand for me, which from your POV...may seem like a tiny hill. For me, it's absolutely insurmountable. And I'm like that with everything that holds an obstacle. Which is another thing, I don't have the will power to want to take up the challenge, unless I have assistance or someone kicking my ass (currently assistance/drill sergeants are unavailable).

I'm an underachiever, lazy, scared, and so GODDAMN FURIOUS with my mind's framework and my spoiled past. Keyword PAST...I am slightly spoiled today, but no where near what was given to me in the mid-teens.

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