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Grown men who like cute things

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Ever witnessed this phenomenon? XD
What MBTI type do you think would be most likely to be like this?

When I said "cute things", I don't mean in a (directly) sexual way. I mean like, cute animals, cartoon characters, cute objects.

I wonder if it's a mostly Asian (actually, Japanese) thing. I mean there are a significant number of manga titles targeted for grown men that are about raising cute pets like rabbits & kittens. But I don't believe that it's purely a cultural thing. Being drawn to cuteness (a little more than just "my baby is cute"), even for grown men, must be a more universal thing right? (Maybe a lot of people are just in denial). I do get the impression that a huge part of Japanese cultural/aesthetic mentality is very ISFP, but I don't believe that every grown man here who are into cute stuff are actually ISFP.

Other than that, the closest thing I can think of (but not necessarily that "grown", because they're still in their teens & 20s) are guys who are their INFPs (haha of course) or nerdy ENT_'s. I mean, the types who are into making video games and the likes.

Btw just an interesting anecdote: I snooped around on Japanese websites about MBTI, and unlike in English-speaking sites, where the majority of people curious about MBTI get the result INFPs (even though irl we're sort of the minority), most of the Japanese test-takers got ISFP. Dafuq!
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Of course, doesn't everyone talk to a cat or dog like child ?(I draw the line at toddlers and cute children competitions)
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