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Guess my little sister's type

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I mostly want other opinions since it can be kind of hard to objectively type family members.


*is very quiet
*it's like pulling teeth if you try to get her to talk about herself.
*She makes puns often, and occasionally makes spot-on insulting jokes about other people, but in a good-natured way.
*spends a lot of time alone. she likes being solitary and doing her own thing
*reads a LOT. I'm not sure what she reads. She is pretty secretive about her interests.
*intellectualizes everything (not in an pretentious way, more like in an overly analytical/logical way).
*She recently said "I don't allow myself to dislike people, even some who may deserve it, because it can all be reduced to personality clashes and different styles of communication, among other things."
*doesn't allow herself to get angry very often for the reasons mentioned above, most likely.
*has a bit of a criminal mind. She can be very sneaky and manipulative, and is good at making elaborate plans for various schemes that she never actually does. The ideas aren't bad, just mischievous.
*Despite her being very rational and Thinkerly, she is also very sensitive, and cries easily. Might just be hormones though.
*is mostly agreeable and easy to get along with. she is a chameleon around most people
*can be absentminded and oblivious to her surroundings, and very clumsy.

I find it very hard to tell if she is an F or a T, honestly. She seems to have a lot of both. Her I is obvious at least, and Ne seems apparent too. INxP? Or something else entirely? I'm very unsure about her enneatype.
Any thoughts?
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