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Hello. Hopefully these conversations will help clue you in as to what type my personality is. These are a few discussions, both serious and facetious, that I had with my friend X.


Me: Who is the Greek god of fire and metallurgy?
X: I don't know.
Me: Hephaestus.
X: Why would I know that?
Me: Guess who his Roman counterpart is? Think Star Trek.
X: Vulcan?
Me: Yep.
X: Who is the Greek god of fellatio?
Me: Blowsuckius.


Me: You really shouldn't be drinking at your age. You could get into a lot of trouble.
X: Dude, I'm also smoking marijuana. That could get you into so much more trouble.
Me: Yes, but at least that's worth it. You know, I think all drugs should be legal, because it's your own body that you're doing damage to.


X: Do you know what's interesting about killing a man?
Me: That if you do it in war, it's okay?
X: No, but that's also interesting. I was gonna say that people don't do it because it's illegal rather than because it's immoral.
Me: There's a huge moral component to that law.
X: There are so many people I'd kill if killing were legal.
Me: You need some professional help.


(turning left at the lights, pulling out into middle of intersection, light turns red, I turn)
(Fantasy: cop pulls me over.
Cop: That's called jay-inching. It's a federal crime.)
(I come out of my fantasy just in time to narrowly avoid rear-ending somebody.)

Here are some more clues:

*I'm fascinated by words and languages.
*I write poetry and lyrics, none of them personal, always from another character's perspective.
*I care very little for my personal appearance; if people judge me by how I look, they're shallow.
*I'm outgoing with friends, but a shrinking violet around acquaintances.
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