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I hope somebody can help me with finding out my type! :)
Thank you in advance!

1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
The only thing that could probably affect the way I'm answering the question is that I'm sometimes not sure about who I am, what I want and stuff like that. But it should mostly be accurate. Another thing that could cause some problems is that English is not my first language since I'm from Germany. It should be okay anyway... :tongue:

2. What type(s) do you usually score as on tests?
INFP, ISFP, INTP and ISTJ... don't know, depends on the questionnaire, I guess... :rolleyes:
Personally I'm thinking about the first three!

3. Choose 2 photos and look at each for as long as you feel that you need. Copy and paste the photos here, and write your impression of each of them.

(You have to add the dots, because I can't post links yet... :sad:)

www flickr com/photos/gaycolan/7315612194

I like that picture, because I am gay myself and I like seeing other gay people that are open about it! :kitteh:
The are also about to marry, which is nice, since in a lot of countrys it's still forbidden... :frustrating: And I just feel like they are really loving each other. Looks like they are having a nice time! It's sunny, nice water, nice beach... it makes me wanting to marry, too, haha! :laughing:

www flickr com/photos/t_p_s/4961444598/in/photostream

I also chose this one, because he seems funny and cute! That monkeything is cool and I also like the jungle (hope it really is a jungle?? lol)... hope I can visit one someday. :happy: What I also like about that picture is that the pants of that dude are hanging kinda low and that you can see his underwear... that's something I reaaaaally, really, really love, haha! :blushed::tongue: His hair is nice, too!

4. You are on the clock to fix something, a friend of yours sits beside you and gives a lot of interesting ideas, none of them actually help or are related to your situation, but they are still something you find interesting. What is your reaction? What do you say? What do you do? What's your train of thought?
I think that's a hard question. It really depends on the situation, like... who is that friend? What exactly am I fixing? What exactly is he saying? What is more important? Do I have time? But most probably I couldn't concentrate on both things at the same time and ask him if he could just help me with fixing that thing fast and after that we could discuss his ideas or something. But if it's just little small talk and nothing too complicated I could probably talk with him while fixing that thing. Or mainly concentrate on one thing and do the other thing besides... whatever feels right at that moment... as I said, hard question! :rolleyes:

5a. What are some of your most important values?
Honesty is very important for me. Being true to others and yourself. Hmm, other things mainly depend on the situation/person... but what I also usually sympathize with is introverted people, intelligent people, people that like to talk about deep stuf but at the same time also can be very random and fun, people that look/act cute/silent/nice/a little bit shy, people that like cute/nice stuff, colourful hair, being tolerant, accepting others opinions, being open about new stuff, being critical (for example cutting yourself... 98% of people think it's stupid/very bad/extremly unhealthy and so on, but in my opinion it's not, it just depends on the person. I hate it when people just tell me that it's stupid and then end the discussion. If you disagree with me at least give me reasons!), being kinda different is also something I like... but it's mainly more of a feeling, not something that I can explain... can't think of anything else now... :confused::tongue:
I also love it if someone does what he thinks is right and what he wants and doesn't care about other peoples opinion.

5b. Can they change? What would be the reason if they changed?
Well, some years ago my opinions changed faster than my clothes, lol! Now it's more or less stable. I'm still unsure about some stuff (alcohol, being a vegetarian or not for example)... and those things can even change daily. It depends on what I read or who I'm with... stuff like that. Some of my other opinions or valuess I think that are important can also change depending on the situation... but as I said, it's slowly getting more stable, haha! :proud:

6. You are in a car with some other people, the people in the car are talking. Someone makes a claim that you see as immoral/rude/cruel. What is your inward reaction? What do you think? What do you say?
Depends on the people. Do I know those people well? Are they my friends? Can I critize them without getting attacked? If yes, I will probably just tell them my opinion about that, if I really think it's necessary and not just some joke or something not that serious.
If I don't know them and it upsets me a lot, I will just go on a hateexplosion in my head (thinking stuff like "Those stupid idiots, piece of shit persons, I hate them, they are so stupid how can you be that dumb omg"...), maybe grab my smartphone and vent my anger/thoughts with some friend or something, loool... but they won't notice a thing! :wink: That's something I don't really like on me. Often I would love to just tell all people my opinion... meh, but sometimes it sure is better to keep silent. Maybe I can improve on that!

7. a) What activities energizes you the most? Why?
Playing League of Legends, playing on my Ps3, jogging/training my muscles a bit, eating/drinking (no alcohol, lol!), sleeping, just chilling, that's stuff I mainly do... I'm soon moving out of my home and I'll then be alone. So most probably cooking/decorating my home and stuff like that will energize me, too! :proud: Mostly it energizes me to be alone. Doing stuff with other people can be super fun (shopping or swimming for example), but draining after some time... :bored:

7. b) What activities drains you the most? Why?
Doing stuff... ANYTHING... with people I don't feel very comfortable with... that just fucking kills me so fast... lol! Just about half a month ago I couldn't even deal with that draining energy and I just kept feeling sooooo terrible in those situation... nearly starting to cry or starting to cry, shaking... lol! Wasn't really in touch with my feelings. It's better now but still very draining. Phoning is also very draining... I just hate phoning... so, so much... :mellow:
Doing stuff with my boyfriend also energizes me a lot... it takes like a week of being 24/7 together to make him drain my energy... :tongue: As long as we don't have some sort of drama at least, haha!

8. Do you believe you are introverted or extraverted? Why do you believe that? (Please be as detailed as possible)
I believe I am introverted, because being alone energizes me and doing stuff with people drains my energy... haha! It's simple as that. The only thing I sometimes did question is that there is a big wish/dream inside of me to have a lot of friends, do fun things with a lot of people that I all love and feel very good with them and comfortable.... just having a good time with a lot of people... because I often feel lonely... :bored:
But I guess it still doesn't change the fact, that being alone energizes me, huh? I can have a lot of fun with other people, if I really like them... but I still need time with myself after some time... :tongue: I guess the fact that time spent with my boyfriend energizes me doesn't count to beeing an extrovert either, huh?

9. Please describe yourself, what do you see as your greatest strengths and what do you see as your greatest weaknesses?
My greatest weakness is probably sometimes being too emotional and acting too much on my emotions. But I'm trying to fix that since sometimes it's just complete 100% destructive bullshit, lol!
My greatest strentghs are that I'm pretty funny, honest and trying my best to have a very fun and good life! I also try my best to understand other people and I like that I'm a pretty deep person. And I'm thinking on my own.
That was a pretty hard thing to answer, too, since I'm pretty insecure about myself... :shocked:

10. Please describe yourself when you are feeling stressed. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.
I mainly just experienced mental stress in my life at the moment. I just feel terrible and shut down. Staying in my bed, wanting to sleep, just want to be alone, hate the world, thinking about suicide... if it happens in a group-situation I just become extremly silent and "away"... to the extreme I may start to cry or shake or walk away or something... haha, now that may sound crazy to you guys! But mainly I'm pretty good at coping. :laughing:

11. What is your "soft spot" (the area that makes you upset if people mess with)?
Being shy, not talking enough, not laughing enough, not being fun enough... that hits me hard. Also if someone says something bad about my appearance. :bored:

12. What are most of the ideas/thoughts you get generally centered around (try to expand your answers as much as possible)?
I don't even really know what I'm thinking about all day... :shocked:
Just random stuff... nothing too important... no idea. "Oh, nice flowers..." "Nooo...." "Haha, lol" "Coool..."... stuff like that. Sometimes I think about deep stuff, like why people smoke... why people act like they do... I also like stalking people on the internet and thinking about them. Often I'm just singing along to music in my head. I'm thinking about my feelings, if I feel bad and what may have caused that or how I could deal with that. Sometimes thinking bad about people. Analyzing people, as I said... thinking about the game I play (League of Legends)...

13. What's your opinion of getting frequent feedback on what you do? (Someone pointing out what is good, what is bad, what and how to improve) Is there a limit to how often you want feedback? If so, what is the limit?
That's a mixed thing. For every single person different things are good and bad. If you give me feedback, because you want to help me, I don't really want to care, unless I asked about it. I need to know for myself. BUT if I'm in a relationship and my partner feels bad about me doing something I think feedback is good, because it's needed for a stable relationship. But feedback like "You should concentrate more on going out more often... being alone so much is bad for you..." is bullshit in my opinion. If you ask me questions, like "Do you like being alone so much?" I will answer it honestly and we can talk about it. Maybe I will start thinking I need to go out more often, and maybe not. But it's my thing. I've followed whatever people wanted for much too long and it didn't do me any good. :mellow:
But feedback on how to improve something I'm already doing anyway (for example training muscles) is something I like. I will listen to it, ask questions, research it and maybe start to do it! :happy:

14. Anything beyond what has been discussed that you would like to add?
No, that was very long, I'm exhausted now!:laughing:

So... what do you think?
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