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Hi Type aficionados,

I could use some help to identify the types of some people I have known.

I'll provide a short list of observable characteristics and then maybe you type experts could take an education guess about what type they are.

It would help if you explain your reasoning. That way it's a learning experience, as well as fun.

So my first person is Charles (not his real name):

Chronically late
Starts every project at the very last minute, or later
Flashy dresser – Armani suits, flashy ties – the whole GQ look
Very good speaker – articulate – able to ad-lib
Not good at preparing for a speech or presentation prefers to play it by ear
Very creative – especially with words, graphics, visuals
Shows up late for work a lot
Turns in projects late – consistently
Drives flashy sports car – but can’t keep it running
Listens to music all the time, big fan of music
Likes poetry
Very flexible – good at winging it
Comes across as friendly
Life of the party
Very popular, at least at first
Great story teller with a big hearty laugh
Technical degree

What Type does that sound like?

Thanks for your help


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could be a lot of different types but maybe ENTP or ESTP.
I've been thinking ESFP or ESTP

I considered ENTP but, Charles always seemed more focused in the present. He did better when given tasks where he could optimize the situation, work with what he had.

So he would take what was given to him and make the best of it, but he did not think way out of the box like I would expect an ENTP to do.

ENTPs usually like to brainstorm all these new ideas and possibilities and then have trouble picking one thing and executing on it.

Also Charles had a black belt in karate and even taught martial arts which I think is more sensing? Not that intuitives would not study martial arts, but Charles was really into it. Even wanted to open a martial arts studio.
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