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Come one, come all! Guess my type based on my forum presence! So if you believe that I am mistyped, come here to type me based on the information you have. Oh, and I'll answer some questionnaires, too, if you can direct me to some.

You can use Enneagram, MBTI, anything at all! I'm gonna focus mainly on Enneagram, though.

My official type that I have typed myself is 9w1 sx/so, but I dunno if I completely fit that. I am a highly sexually charged being, so that's why I chose sx primary. I actively try repulse myself from getting into intimate contact with others, but it's so intoxicating. Anyone who saw the "Would you have sex with the person above you?" thread saw that. I chose Nine because I had and still have a weak sense of identity, and the idea of identity felt really overly cheesy to me at the time.

People have thrown around 4, 5, and 6 as cores, 3w2 and 4w5 as heart types, 6w7 and 5w4 as head types, and 1w9 as a gut type.

If you simply give me a type, I will contest it to badger you into giving me more information about why you guessed it. I do that to people. I badger them for info.
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