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BranchMonkey wrote> Maude seemed very ENTP so for the vibe, this is it.
Librarylady wrote> Sweet. I don't identify with her personality at all whatsoever, but I've always wondered what her type could be. I guess I got two answers in one day!

As for you, INTJ. But only because your icon looks like something I would share with my INTJ friend. lol


I grew up watching that show, so there you go.

I typed for seven years running as INTJ, so you're not so far off the mark, there. Vibe other than Maude would be ISTJ, and your avatar helps a lot there.

I have a "BranchMonkey" theme, started with my avatar choice: neuron branching, but that got too restrictive, so I broadened it to include anything related to branching and went with artery (heart) branching, then Vervet monkeys, then red fox squirrels...

And as you can see my lizard is holding a thick piece of branch.

It's fun to see what kind of branching I can bring in, and whether anyone notices, whether they tell me or not. ✍(◔◡◔)
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