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Does this sound accurate to you, 7s?

A substantial part of 7 psychology is constantly staying active and occupied to avoid confronting a nagging feeling of guilt that lurks deep inside. 7s are connected to 1s, after all, and while they're not superego types and they do prioritize enjoyment and pleasure, there's always a mostly-ignored voice deep within nipping at their heels, saying "you know you should take things more seriously/you know you could do better/you know you're not doing what you should be doing", and this self-judgment is a major driving factor behind their race to constantly find new, exciting things to do that can drown out that voice.
I suspect tritype and wing would affect how prominent this voice is (7w6 and 1 fixed 7s will probably feel it more strongly than 8 fixed/wing, for example) but this does make a lot of sense, at least from my perspective as a 1. It would also partially explain some of the intense reactions I've seen from 7s to criticism from others for their "irresponsibility"; while nobody likes to be judged, 7s seem especially sensitive to that sort of criticism, which would make sense if it mirrors things they've said to themselves before.

Any 7s have thoughts on guilt?
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I tend to feel guilty about the things that a 7 probably should feel guilty for:

- Enjoying life when there is so much suffering in the world
That's like feeling guilty for looking after your health when there are so many unhealthy people in the world. The more healthy people there are, the better for everyone, and that includes emotional health. Being and spreading joy in the darkness is the Seven's gift to the world, don't be ashamed of it. :happy:
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