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I fed Beezus & Zanona this morning (aka Bigsy & Smallz) the usual, starting with a piece of Barbara's Oat Crunch cereal, then I came back with a bit of Manna bread & some avocado. Later, I brought each of them a 1/4 of a hard-boiled egg yolk, and the girls went off in separate directions to eat.

I watched them a moment. Beezus was holding her yolk with both hands, happily making headway, but Zanona was in the Igloo with her egg yolk looking like a dome, picking at it with her mouth. I told her, "You better hurry it up girl or your sister will finish it for you." Then I went to the kitchen to eat my egg.

When I came back in the bedroom I saw Zanona still eating in the Igloo so I said, "Look at you making it last," and next thing you know I looked lower in the cage and noticed that Zanona was wandering around like she was searching for water in a desert. So I turned back to the Igloo and looked closely. Yep, Beezus was finishing her sister's egg yolk.

I went back into the kitchen, top of the trash, on a napkin, picked out two small pieces of hard-boiled egg yolk that I had thrown away because it isn't good for rats to eat large portions. I brought them back and had to push Beezus away from the cage door so I could let Zanona pick up the egg yolk pieces from the palm of my hand and hide under the upstairs ramp while I distracted Beezus by letting her root around my open palm, lick some crumbs, search for more… until Zanona finished. I said, “Ha, you piglet,” and laughing, I laid down to read for a while.

When I described this to my husband on the phone, he said his ear canals opened because he was grinning so big and that the ear buds were about to fall out.

Bigsy and Smallz’ cage is our entertainment center.

Cage Pet supply Shelf Furniture Room

Rat Hamster Rodent Muridae Muroidea
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