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Either I know something to be true or I don't. When I don't, I think, I rationalize, I weigh the options. But no right action comes from the head, for me. It's nice to know the how's and why's of this world, but it's not essential to me.
I have to feel the knowing. Knowing as if it's destiny itself that I am bringing into this world.

Falling in love with @Animal sure didn't involve much of a thought process. In fact, I felt my brain was lagging behind on reality. It couldn't keep up. Just the way I like it ;p
Catching the plane from Europe to the US only involved thinking about the logistics. There was no question of whether I should go or not. I knew that my entire life led up to this.
Marrying and living with her, in the States, also did not involve much rationalization. We only deliberated our approach to our families, but not to our love.

I'm not very aware of a distinction between "gut feelings" and "feelings of the heart". I easily know what my reality is. It apparently makes me seem as if I assume too much, but from my perspective, people don't assume enough. Your reality is your truth. You are the one who lives your life - you have to live. So live straight, live true. You are right, even when you're wrong.Because there is nothing more real than making mistakes.

Gut feelings imply my more tender emotions, my heart center. They are harder to reach and are often buried (to myself, not so much to the perceptive observer), but they are still right underneath and they heavily influence and define the harder sense of gut feelings.
And I'm okay with that.

It's when I don't feel particularly strong one way or another that my thinking gets involved, and sure it works fine enough, I'm clever enough to think my way through events, but it doesn't deliver the same conviction. I'm not invested in thought, I'm invested in life. And to me, thought distracts me from life.

I direct my thinking towards producing a felt understanding. It's thinking so that, in the end, I don't have to think.
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