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Hello, there.

I've been a dormant member since sometime in 2013. I think I logged in once and never returned... I didn't really have proper access to posting threads or replies, and I suppose in another way I simply wasn't ready to dive in here.

I have taken a few tests, done some research and reading, and discussed enneagram with peers and friends, some of which have extensive knowledge on some of the subject matter. Although I was resistant to the idea of being typed on my personality, apparently I am an "obvious six." I decided not to argue against this because despite some of the more simplistic tests having horrible descriptions about sixes- one said, "homicide and suicide are possible," - when I did some more research, I found that the more concise 6 descriptions do fit me both in the way of how I see myself and how others see me (no easy feat).

I am feeling good about being here now and looking forward to taking part in some interesting conversations and self-discovery, maybe even a little debate. :tongue:

I have a wide range of interests but most have to do with intellectual pursuit or expression. The quest for concrete knowledge, or discovery, comes naturally and is very important to me. At the present moment, I am working toward some preliminary academic goals in the Science realm. I will be as bold as to say that I consider myself a natural born writer, and that it is something I "must" do. At least, it keeps me relatively sane.

This site seems to mash up the "old internet" with the "new internet," along with writing/blogging and you can choose how you interact with others, so I think I will be able to appreciate it. I hope to discover some new things, whether about myself or to gain and share new (exciting) knowledge in general, ideally both.

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