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Hands on INTP's

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Just curious to know how many INTP's love to get down and dirty in laborious back breaking work. Im not sure I have met another INTP in my profession. Manual excavations, swinging off crow bars and jackhammers are a daily occupational past time. If im not at work, Im sweating it out on my property splitting lumber or smashing steel on my anvil. If there is no work to be done people watching in a coffie shop is my downtime. I know in my local industry I qualify as a pretty random guy as far as shooting the chit goes. In my circle of fellow plumbers none of them share my introversion, they are all robust noisy alpha males. I like what i do, though it wanes in mental stimulation, so i search for the jobs which require the most trouble shooting. Im sure im not alone. Helloooooo
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I don't like to labor quite that hard, but I like unloading trucks, cleaning, etc. at work and would rather do manual labor than paperwork on the job. I agree with AuSet that it balances the intellect, and it is kind of soothing in a way. Plus it helps you keep fit while getting stuff done.
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