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There I was, hanging from the vine
Dangling from a line, the vein of the pine
I was out amidst nature's bitter environment
Starving for warmth, for rest and retirement
Snows descended maddeningly
Painting the ground in white
As I hung for dear life
With not a rescuer in sight
They were unable to hear me as I swayed left and right
I was left there hanging deep into the night
I was the berry no one wanted, the fruit no one retrieved
And so I lived in isolation, longing for reprieve
My heart bore chambers deep and woeful
Birds sang around me chipper and soulful
Children would choose the cherry red roses
While I drifted downstream like Moses
They came upon me as I dropped and staggered in despair
They noticed stiffness in my bones, grayness in my hair
They watched as I writhed a-moaning, painfully in sorrow
As I lay wondering whether or not I would see tomorrow
And so they left me hanging, ever gruesome, from the tree
Cherished not by someone's heart, I pleaded to be free
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