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Hey Amazing ENFJ's!!

I'm just curious.. what do you guys do to make you feel better or for happiness??? Cause i'm trying to find new ways to make myself feel.. important. :mellow:
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My favorite is feeding the homeless. Another fun thing for me is campaigning for someone I luck and going door to door for them. I love meeting new people and the exercise.Another great great one becoming a a Big Brother/Big Sister or donatibng time at the Boys and Girls Club.
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All depends on what's got me down. I love to coach soccer and being with the little kids plus its all volunteer work. I also like to do stuff for RAINN since I have had some nasty stuff in my past, its my way of letting others know that they are not alone and they to will be ok in the end.

Sometimes though I just need chill time a chance to reconnect myself. I'll listen to music and maybe dance around my living room or I'll do some Yoga. I also will do something creative like draw or write or pick up one of the instruments in the house and play. If I have a lot on my mind I'll go for a drive to no place in particular just for a change of scenery.
What would make me happy is if people were more logical and to see the future panning out.
haha, sorry. I was in a weird mood when I wrote that. :D

A little bit of what I said before but with my future plans, I want to pursue psychology and counsel people and maybe become a college professor to teach people. :) That's my brand of happiness and helping out. Oh okay, so if you want to aim towards happiness, use your strengths in a positive way around others and things that encompass your values. For example, if you have a cheery disposition, you can use it to spread joy to others. If you a strong love for animals, you can volunteer at the animal shelter.
hmm.. oka:)
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