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Happy he was and super wide-eyed! Hi my name is FullBurner!

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... Hi peoples my name is FullBurner, but actually I'm Matthew and along with not really knowing what to do here in this little box of words I have this ecstatic need to say I'm super excited to be here on the site, because I really am super excited! I don't really know how I just so happened to browse by here one day this summer and become insatiably intrigued with this place. However, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the either the fun emanating from whatever or that it was perfect timing, due to this semi-recent restructuring thing I'm doing in my life right now, which calls for a more detailed understanding of how I operate and what I can do to optimize such operations. Soo... at this point I guess I should say I've never really been a part of a forum kind of thing before, and as much as I am excited and thinking of all the purely extraneous things I could type in this box I also have to say I'm a bit apprehensive? (I wouldn't say I have a high propensity to ramble, but without direction such as indicated by the apparent freedom in this box I can't seem to help myself... sorry)

I've already typed a hovering cloud of words up there, but I know those words really don't actually say much, explicitly speaking anyway... (Ha ha this experience is so incredibly weird and kool at the same time, because I'm not really talking or writing to anyone exactly but I am potentially saying "Hi" to maybe hundreds or thousands of people. And... hence the wide-eyed and very apparent diarrhea of the mouth:laughing::sad::laughing:)!

Wow, ok, so anyway I'm Matthew and I'm ENFP 4w5. I'm almost 89% sure these are(is) my type(s), but I'm not really trying to put myself in a type box and then begin one of those backward fallacies where I assume the definitions of the pre-set type. Its 89% reliability, because I don't feel like I "aced" the test, but from what I understood to be the characteristics of both the ENFP and 4w5 types I feel pretty confident that I did better than just passing. (I'm born in 89 too, that kind of helped narrow the second digit down... :happy:) This is slightly ridiculous how much I'm writing and honestly I think for the remainder of this introduction I will stick to bulleted tidbits... to curtail the blahbage

Bullet No.1 Its 5:00am I really should be asleep... right now bummer
#2 The most important thing about me is that I believe in a black and white world of absolutes, which at first doesn't really make sense because there are a ton of gray areas. Since I believe though that God is absolute and exist in dimensions of infinitude as the Creator of a finite set of three dimensions I recognize on Earth, absolution is possible as I'm referencing an earthly point (tangible) and a heavenly point (given absolute). Anyway I say all that because its from this pseudo-mathematical/spiritual correlation that I am given purpose and perspective, and thus is the general framework of my life.

#3 Obviously the bullets failed... but to hopefully bring this into some type of collinear message I'll try with the bullets one more time. Contrary to Yoda and Nike (ha ha) I don't really believe in do, I believe in "trust and try." Its mostly the same principal of committing to a task, but without the shame failure I don't do so well with when I fail the task which inevitably happens in the course of challenging myself. Its a work in progress but so far I'm faster back in the swing learning from my mistake and proceeding forward when I just "try again" versus capitulating. So I'm either leaves me at being passionate most of the time and obsessive the other times... (work in progress).

#4 I'm an Junior in Nuclear Engineering, because I want to help make the energy I feel so abundantly at times available to the whole world, like air... (I understand this is a lofty ideal, there are a lot of implications I am still learning, but I believe this is my purpose in life to help people so I'm for the most part incorrigibly excited)

#5 I love people, physics, math, history, building my vocabulary, soccer, any type of construction or design, wood and power tools, reading, daydreaming, writing somewhat, my frat, community service, dancing, dubstep and learning in general. You'd be wrong to think I'm actually good at all these ventures though, but they are really fun and mostly complimentary to my overall destiny so I've grown more adept at them as well grown my affinity for them over time. In actuality math and physics give the most trouble, but I fault it more on poor personal management and pride than outright difficulty (although I'm pretty sure I will always hate statics and calc 2 :proud:).

#6 I love my imagination, I think its one of the greatest gifts I have. I like my energy too; unfortunately, there are droughts in which case I'm beyond drained that I need to rectify before it can compete with imagining. I guess to be fair, I do more than occasionally use my imagination destructively, and I say this as well because its something I want to learn more about here (maybe with other people my type?).

Ok, I know I have been all over the place in writing this and I really could go on and on... but I don't think that's a conducive use of this post and I need to go to sleep so without further ado Hello and Goodbye to all of you! (ha ha I like mathematical/metaphysical poetry as well, but I haven't been too successful at sharing it so I left it out)

I'm excited to meet everybody or at least alot of kool people here and start learning stuff... so "nice to meet you" in advance and I guess thanks for making this place so kool.

Hope to kick it soon,
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Yeah, I had you pegged as an ENFP by the end of the first paragraph. Welcome to PerC, Matthew. :)
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