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I went swimming today. 17 laps, though 16 of the laps was shortened near the end, so maybe it doesn’t count as much. That’s why I could swim finish so quickly as well.

He’s still talking to me. I really think in terms of intelligence he’s below me. He can't seem to converse well. Or rather, he’s more comfortable with Chinese, and I'm more comfortable with English.

Trying to figure if this might happen with the Taiwan guy or like some other guy with language barriers. Hm.

But asking me to dumb down my language is a bit difficult. I don’t even do that for my baby cousin. I don’t see why I should do it for a guy. We’ll see.

I don’t think we’re a very good match intellectually. Hah.

I think my criteria shouldn’t be that he understands me. That’s a bit difficult. Sometimes I don’t understand myself either.

I think after the outing on the 18th, I'll count all my responsibilities dissolved and stop talking to him as much. Or we can be friends but I think he wants more. A bit….. weird for me. I don’t know I really don’t like the way he handles things. He doesn’t clean up after himself and makes quite a big mess…

We shall see, friends.

People keep wanting to add me on facebook. I don’t use it precisely because I don’t want to be tracked down. Zzz. Already have some weird ppl on my phone. That librarian lady smsed me the other day and asked me out. Weird.

I just want to write in peace but I guess I have to do all this in order to find my one true love!!!!!
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