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Omg. I've just found the best way to live. Like cos usually the back of my knees get itchy. So I scratch and the skin’s darkened. :( trying to solve it recently.

One way was to roll up my shorts. Cos they’re really long and the edge pokes at the back of my knees.

Okay that stops the itchiness in the afternoon. But by evening the itch returns!!!! I want to scratch….

Recently I've started using a small hand towel to scrub the back of my knees, hoping maybe it’ll alleviate some of the itchiness. I don’t have eczema! Skin’s not red. Just itchy back there.

Then I realise hey this evening it’s really hot. Maybe if I wash my legs, I won't have the urge to itch!

So I did! Soap and water and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I feel so cool and comforttable now despite the humid weather. My whole body feels so comfortable from the cool water on my legs. No more itch too cos I think I got the sweat particles off.

Yayyyy!!!!!!!! So I had a nice cool leg shower, then milk and oreos. w an ice cube of course.

Life is good man. Chilling on my bed. Blogging, gonna edit soon even more. My leg’s all cool.

Gonna start reading my books tonight. Have to return soon I think.

Feel so sleepy now from having cool comfortable legs though hahahahahah!!!!!!! This is the life man.

Yeah starting to wonder if I really want a guy in my life. I guess maybe we can chill on the bed with cool legs or something hahahaha.

I dunno. Singlehood is good toooooo. I wanna enjoy my freedom now. If you have a partner, there’s also their family to take care of. Of course they’ll take care of you too, but your time is even less your own, especially as a woman.

I shall enjoy my cool legs and my oreos and my bed and my fan and my soft toys now mwahahhaahha!
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