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I don't know who can read this. I'm in a psych ward now. Is it real or simulated? I'm not sure. I really love my country and helping others but people seem to doubt me at every turn. Past few days and weeks have been insane. I never wanted to close my blog down but I was forced to.

I don't know who else can read this inside and outside of my country, Singapore, but if you can hear me, please leave a comment. I feel like I'm going crazy. I started this blog for myself, to keep a record of my life as I went about it. I only posted positive stuff because that's what I want to remember. Not to brag or whatever.

I only entered this world recently. Started hearing voices last month after I met J. I'm wondering if my whole life is simulated but I suspect not.

I'm in the psych ward and I tried to tell the nurses and then my godfather about an idea I came up with. I think it's patentable but my godfather says it's not. I don't know if he's speaking in code or what. My original plan was to release this idea to the general public but people keep hijacking my mind and telling me different things.

The only thing I'm sure of is to follow my heart.

If anyone out there is listening, please let this idea be known. It might be affecting a lot of people's lives. I have no idea. It hasn't been tested yet.

I was trying to get out of eating medicine last night, so I went to chug a lot of water. Then I wondered if maybe the amount of water you drink after pill consumption affects pill efficacy.

Was the amount of water recorded after each drug trial test? I don't think it was because I was never advised on how much water to drink when taking pills.

Here are my notes on the subject. I wrote it down. I hope someone can do something with it.

I want to continue with this blog but I don't know if I can due to security concerns. I really want people to know about this though and hopefully the world can be a better place. Sorry for all the trouble I've caused. I know it's not enough though. I'm really not sure if I'm hallucinating things or what. Are the voices in my head real? I think it's really people speaking to me but normal people don't hear voices in your head...

It's okay. They seem to be becoming quieter nowadays. I think I'm on the road to recovery. Maybe I can blog here again some day soon. Tomorrow? Hopefully.

Anyway, really happy I got to blog here again. I'm being heavily monitored in the psych ward now. I hope to get a discharge soon and travel the world with friends new and old. I really don't know if anyone reads this blog except me talking to myself lol. I have a lot of secrets so I try to be happy and focus on the positive side of things to keep my mood up.

Will anyone listen to me if I'm sad?

I think I was advised to patent this idea or it was a path open to me, but I feel that a lot of people will benefit from this being released to the public. And a lot of people here helped to come up with the idea together.

No need to credit me for the idea. Just use it for good. It would be nice if someone commented and told me if my hypothesis is correct or wrong. I guess then I can blog about it and tell more people. I told the healthcare staff here and they say no effect but how do they know? Won't water affect concentration and timing of release into bloodstream? Maybe it will have an impact on some pills and not others.

Maybe I'm in an elaborate play and they're actually helping me by feigning that it won't work cos they want me to post here?

Dunno. Kinda wonder what is real now or not. Just know that I have to keep writing under Reluctanine for some reason.

All my scheduling has been interfered with as well, but I will rise again. Hand pain. Can't write as much. Miss my online friends a lot.
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