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I guess no one reads my blog here except for me. No use compiling the memories and forming a book. My time would be better spent writing more.

Mixed feelings about today. Of course everyone in the country is celebrating the win. I was really happy too until I heard about an old man in my neighbourhood passing away.

The last time I saw him I just looked at him and averted my eyes. Kinda shy to say hi even though he’s really friendly. He walks around the neighbourhood half-naked. Well, he means well. I’m just really shy by nature.

Heart attack, fell, and died. Everyone’s getting heart attacks. Reminds me of my uncle and how he passed too.

Started rewatching psycho-pass recently and if I was more suspicious I would say it’s due to stress care. Nah. They really both reached their time. Old man cos old, my uncle cos of health problems. Still haven’t gone to visit him cos I feel like a failure still. Even bigger one because of recent events.

But life goes on. My mum is on my case even more now. But at least I have air-con and my bed is now a manageable single-deck.

My dad became a Christian cos I’ve recovered and left the psych ward. I still want to recover fully, and travel the world one day. One step at a time. I went out to the supermarket with my mum today and there was this pokemon Go walk tomorrow. Too late to register but really happy that something like that is happening. I think regular pokewalk groups would be really fun.

I wonder if has something like that? I really should socialise more.

I still haven’t met J again, though I feel like he’s walking the halls of my mind. I really miss M. September I have a match-making session. I don’t think I can escape that… still don’t remember a lot of my dreams. Ate a lot today. Want to eat more :[ So hungry nowadays. And I want to go walk more and exercise more.

A bit shy to go back to the swimming pool after what happened. My parents said they’ll accompany me there.

Overall, a very productive day so I’m quite happy. Life goes on. I’m glad I can post here again. Maybe I was paranoid previously. Who knows.
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