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I went out for a walk with my mum today and we had dessert at the Taiwan stall nearby. Really nice! I forgot to bring my card and the boy helped chop my receipt so I can go back to claim it.

My mum made dumplings again!!! :D I love her dumplings though mine is infinitely better. Been eating a lot until I look like a dumpling I think.

I want to go out and pokewalk more! I caught a lot of pokemon today. :D

My schedule is kinda shot though. Zzz. Erh I think I wont stress over it too much. Kinda thought I wanna write something new. Planning process so long this time cos I keep bouncing around.

I still have my dream. One day.

I opened my phone and looked at the group chat I started… everyone left except me and J… I dunno what to do now. I bothered him before a lot. I asked him out to our church stuff. I asked him to a movie, and there’s no reply. Am I supposed to give up?

If a guy likes a girl he will chase her right? I haven’t received any indication besides what happened that day. Did I contact him too late? I want to talk to him, but I was scared that day. Still kinda scared of guys. Large groups of guys in particular scare me.

What am I supposed to do? J’s kinda big. A bit scary. Should I keep asking him out? I think it’s better to concentrate on myself. Maybe keep going to church and I’ll bump into him again one day. But a bit scared to go to church. I was researching ear plugs to possibly wear to church.

I feel like I should reflect on my actions of the past few weeks more. Caused a lot of trouble to people. Good thing is the voices in my head have stopped. More myself again.

Tomorrow I’m going out for a walk again with my mum. Maybe to have breakfast. Try to find the curry possibly. Wanted to cook Japanese curry.

Rewatching psycho-pass now and relearning and rethinking a lot. Hobbit too. Wanna get extended editions of lotr one day.

Wanna watch BFG! Is it still in theatres? I still haven’t used my birthday redemption thing… hope I can still use it.
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