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Received some bad news today. But life goes on. I still haven’t given up on my dreams. There was supposed to be a doctor’s appointment today but they got the dates screwed up after I specifically double-checked the previous time. No idea what’s going on.

I don’t know what happened the past few weeks.

I don’t know what’s going on.

This whole world has gone reaaaally weird.

Whatever. Not my business to bother or care.

I still have my dreams that I hold onto. No matter if others believe in me or not. This world makes me too sad sometimes. I was reading this news report about sex slaves being sold and there was a picture attached. People aren’t born just to be useful.

I wanted to live again. A second chance to do what I wanted. I got it. It got attention. Now I want less of it. I can't take back the past. I can't alter it. I can't change it. I can only change what’s front of me, one word at a time. I guess there’s some comfort in that.

I was having a discussion with E. We crave a life of more adventure, while others crave stability, away from adventure. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

I won’t make the same mistakes I did so many years and months and even days ago. I have to grow. At least I'm semi-wiser now. I'm not going to give in to a doctrine I don’t believe in. I'm not going to be stuck in a past that doesn’t want me. I'm not someone that can be bought by money. Or even what my mum or religion says.

There are some things I cannot stand about what Christianity has done. Or more like, what people have done in the name of religion as a whole. But I wont condemn people for having a god or gods. It brings comfort to them, and I can understand that.

I just can't go quietly into the night.

I'm going to start what I've always wanted to write, but I want it to be everything I wish I could read in a book. I'm not going to stick to a formula too much or follow what others want for me. I won’t censor or stick to what is right and allowed.

If I can't speak the truth, then at least let me speak my own falsehood.
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