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OMG YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I completed the lyrics for the song!!!!!! HURRRAAAY!!!! :D:D:D:D Momentous occasion! *confetti*

Time just fucking flew. Like just 3 hours disappeared. And then when I finally wrote the bridge, which came so naturally, I was like… that’s it? The song’s finished? O_O It happened so quickly and easily. I entered into one of those flow states like in writing when I’m really into it. Happens when I play sports as well! I think I was reading that those flow states happen when there’s some challenge to the task at hand as well.

And then afterwards I was reading over my lyrics and oh my goodness *barf barf barf* it’s so embarrassing. OKAY WAIT NO IT’S NOT BARF BARF BARF. I should be proud of my work, as embarrassing as it is.

Okay, why do I feel embarrassed? Because it feels like I took my heart and flung it against the page and that’s what stuck. But I’m also really happy and I keep smiling when I think of my song. But. ARGGGGH. I don’t know how I’m going to sing it tomorrow. And I have to sing it in the morning ‘cos there’s gonna be my family around in the afternoon, so I can’t just like… have time to get over how embarrassing it is.

But uhhhhh I guess that’s okay? I guess if the song is more emotional, it’s nicer to listen to? I don’t know. I don’t even have a tune for it yet.

I think I’m going to tell myself to calm down a little. And go read some facts or something and then choose music to set it to. I might have to download more from the resources section? Wondering how the jazz tunes would sound.

But it’s still so embarrassing!!!!! I can’t believe I wrote that. I should crawl into a hole and never come out again. Well, not like I’m out in public much now anyway, just chilling in some place and not meeting other people, lolololol. Ah I think I’m turning into a hobbit.

Eurgggggh, still kinda embarrassed even after reading up a bit on flow and autotelic personality. And like...wondering if I can enter this state more often in my usual writing. And… I have to go to the library this Saturday, and I have about 1 book and a bit of pages of the psychology one left to read. So I guess I’ll go read after deciding on music.

I wonder if other people get so embarrassed when they’re writing? Feels like my face is all hot. I don’t think I can blush? I have no idea, but I know one time I drank some rice wine in China and my friends made fun of me for having red cheeks, but I wasn’t drunk at all!!!! >:|

Anyway, okay...i should cool down!!! Breathe in and out!! PHOO PHoo PHHOOOO.

It’s okay, it’s okay. You only have to let a few people review the song, so stop being so embarrassed. Phoo. Totally alright. Calm down..

But yeaaaaaah!! I SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF mySELF!!!!! Cos I wrote a whole song in a few days and I quite like it! Yeah yeah, totally!!! Yeah, even christmas bear is proud of you!!!!

Haaaaaaaaaaah! HAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! YEAAAAH I’m AWESOOOMEEEE!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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