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EURGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I was in so much agony recording the song. Cos I was hiding in a corner and had to like… sing soft enough so my grandparents can’t hear, but loud enough that the mic can record, but I can’t sit too high when I record or the mic can’t pick me up?

And then I also had to wait until my aunt and uncle were out to record, and I had a time limit to record, so… I don’t knowwwww!!!!!! Only sounded good at the end when I realised I had to bend down more to record.

So, I don’t know!! This one might not do too well? I wanna record again, but I don’t think I have the time. I want to read finish my books before the weekend hits, so.. :(

Oh well, I did my best! And it’s the second song I’m recording for the course, so it’s perfectly alright if I don’t get a high mark and it’s okay to make mistakes as long as I tried my best, I guess.

I guess I could have done better if I wasn’t so shy and hiding in my corner, but I don’t want to have my family find out and add pressure or have them laugh at me. =(

But okok, the song is done, so, that’s it!!!! I’ve submitted and everything. It’s okay!!! You tried your best!! You should be proud of yourself!!! Yeaaaaah1!!! :D:D:D

And lol tutoring my baby cousin now as she does her language writing. Ahhhhh no need to write words anymore for meeee. Type type type. Good thing I’m an adult, rofl.

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN I should go shower and read. Have to speed read through the books AGAIN! :( Ok, this time not gonna borrow more since I still have the few to read. Rofl.

GO GO GO!! :D:D:D I guess I should drink some tea after my shower! Always nice to either drink a cold drink after a hot shower or a hot drink after a cold shower. AHHHH, I sound like an old person. It's okaYYYY!!!!! I guess that's what life is about.
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