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AW YEAH! Got last week’s results today. And it isn’t VERY good, but I received a LOT of very good comments. Most of them was encouraging, but one commenter gave a constructive critique for each score.

Really awesome!

Because I think they nailed all the points I was struggling with, which was developing my own melodic rhythm. It was a bit hard to sing un-self-consciously and concentrate on that at the same time, plus my strength isn’t exactly music-based. I think to develop a good melody is really difficult. I can try and jerry-rig something up, but it’ll always be difficult without a good musical education.

BUT I also realised I was limiting myself by feeling this way and relying on the melody loop provided, so I think when I re-record the song, which is this week’s assignment, I’ll just use a drum loop instead. So I stop depending on outside help for the melody, although I like the music a lot. :p

Plus, I think with just the drum loop this week’s assignment will help me to learn more.
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