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YAY!!!!!!!! Results came out today!!!!! My quiz marks must have pulled up the grade. I didn’t participate in the discussion forums, so I didn’t get marks from there. I did read them though. Haha, a little too shy to talk there.

Maaan, I want to say thank you to Pat Pattison, the Professor from Berklee College of Music who conducted the course online at And the internet! For existing and helping me learn so many things for free!!!!

I had a lot of fun in the course!!!!!! I suspect he’s an INFP. At least, his way of songwriting was very Ne and Te. Haha. I learnt so many things! :D

Haven’t written another song since the course ended, but I have started learning music theory. :D pretty sure that was what was limiting me.

I don’t really know how in-depth I want to go with it yet, but I’m just having fun learning and making notes. I mean, I have a whole life of me ahead to improve myself, so why not?

Heehee… We even have a pretty certificate from the course and everything! :D I didn’t pay for the Verified Track though, because it’s not like I want to make a career out of it.

I think I might go scout around to see if he has other videos posted online.

Hm, I really enjoyed the course and peer review! I think the grades and comments were pretty accurate. I thought about the last assignment, and I realised that we were actually graded more on singing, so I shouldn’t get so hung up over how the lyrics were the same and the marks were so different.

But yeah, it’s nice to end off with a bang just like how I started! :D

I looked around at the other courses at coursera, and some did interest me, but I don’t want to take them with Christmas and new year celebrations coming up. Too busy. I will continue to read and learn at my own pace though.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, this was the right decision. :D Feeling very proud of myself now. YAY!
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