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GUESSS WHAT?!!!! Coursera just started a Musicianship course!!! So I signed up for it. Haha, I know I know. Dunno if I’ll have the time. But I think I will. I hope so. Even if I don’t, I can always take the course again. But yaaaay!!!! It just started four days ago, so I’m not too late. Still have plenty of time to do all the assignments and stuff for this week.

Plus, it’s fun!!! :D

The virtual keyboards they have in the resources section aren’t really good, or doesn’t work for my browser maybe, so I found this: This one is really awesome! I mean, uh, you can’t play it like a proper piano, but you can sort of mess around with the keys and play it haha.

I actually have a keyboard hidden away in a cupboard at home, but I’m not gonna take it out and have my mum bitch at me for not playing it after a while, since when I go back, I’ll be writing. Not like I can use it here anyway.

I think I’ll file this under songwriting and music, since it’ll be easier to find then. Hrrrm.

I kinda took note of this after I completed the songwriting course a while back, but I wasn’t sure if I would have the time now, but.. WELL WHO CARES IT’S FREE!!! :D:D:D I’ll just do my best and see what happens, lol!!!!
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