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YAAAYYY!!!! I just finished watching all the videos. Oh gosh, it was very difficult. :< starting to worry about how I’m going to handle this course. Like for the songwriting one, the first week was easy. I didn’t have to watch the videos more than once. For this music course there’s so many things I don’t know!!!! I had to watch and try out the exercises up to four times for some videos!!!

We learnt about major scales and intervals and tonal centers this week. I had a lot of fun!!! But I’m still struggling a little to understand everything.

It’s weird. It’s like…. Because he was trying to teach us the difference between a major 2nd interval and a major 3rd interval. When I try to logically understand and try to figure out what the difference is I got the exercises all WRONG!

But when I close my eyes and try to feel out the music, what feels right and what feels wrong in a new exercise that was about the same topic, I could identify almost all CORRECT! The only one I got wrong was when I overanalysed and didn’t go with my gut feeling.

Like I’m still confused about what the fuck is going on in my brain but oh well this is fun lol. Like…. I would say…. Because like…. Major 2nd intervals are like… notes beside each other on the piano, kind of… major 3rd are like… one key away. So I was telling myself… okay, which notes sound further apart than normal?

That seems to work!

I still can’t put the sound of the notes to the letters immediately yet LOL. I always learn by sound first before how to spell something or write something happens. But I can identify the key of the tune he’s playing!!! Erhm. Like he’ll play a tune and I can hum the correct key with his students, because it feels right because I think that’s the note I keep hearing? It somehow stands out the most.

I can tell if it’s do re mi etc, but I still haven’t memorise the cdefgab. I always found that part difficult and a bit illogical. Why don’t you start with “a” first? It makes learning the musical notes on the scale a lot harder too. Our musical teacher in primary school was like… here it starts on this first, don’t ask why it starts there it just there and yes it’s inconvenient but oh well.

I can’t seem to access the recordings in the quiz for some reason. Didn’t have this problem in songwriting. Sigh oh well. I dunno how I’m gonna identify C major scale in songs. Hrm.

I think tomorrow I will plonk around on my phone’s piano to get used to hearing and identifying it. And watch all the videos again.

SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT I’m IN OVER MY HEAD if the learning curve and homework ends up being like the songwriting one!!!!!

OKAY OKAY CALMDOWN! Just take it one day at a time!! Don’t worry too much!

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