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HELLO CAT!!! :D wheee!!!! They didn’t have the macaras kitty at my mum’s workplace, but they had the guitar and microphone one, so my mum got the mic one. No, I don’t know why they’re releasing this early. Who knows!? My mum was saying it’s chaotic there and the cats are going fast. Even the saxophone one is gone there. BUT I GOT THE MIC ONE!! I wanted this one the most of all :D I will put her on my piano at home to accompany me! Yes, kitty is a girl! She has a boyfriend called Dear Daniel. XD Yeah! Tried out my phone’s border thing. :D It’s so cheesy it becomes cool.

Today, I got my results for the previous assignment!!! I think it’s upon 50 this week, if I counted the number of scoring correctly. So yes, very happy with my score! :D I just watched finished this week’s lectures and they were easier to follow. But this week’s assignment requires practice on a keyboard which I don’t have here! So I’m just going to imagine it in my head and move my hands to it.

My grandfather’s legs are getting bigger! :D it’s crazy how fast just walking again can make his legs get stronger and stronger. He’s still walking too fast at certain times though! :( have to get him used to the walker. Tomorrow, I’m taking my grandpa to the physio with my uncle, and then he’ll rush off to the other hospital to visit bc. If she doesn’t have a fever anymore, she can come back tomorrow! They put her on an antibiotic drip, because she has an infection in her lungs and blood, but only a little.

Today I bought meals for my grandparents and I bought a lot of oleander water back for everyone to drink since it’s good during this period of eating so much heaty food! They were on offer too! $1.25 for 2 cans instead of the usual 70 cents. Tomorrow I’m going to go buy more if possible!

I ate beef on a hotplate for lunch today! And for dinner I had rice with ginger and spring onion pork, and fish head milk soup!

I hope things go well tomorrow. Always worried when I have to bring my grandfather out and lift him here and there. But he should be able to transfer himself by now. :D I will try it at the taxi tomorrow.
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