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Yay! Full marks!!! Cos that week’s assignment is easy. Just drawing out the notes, lol. But this week’s assignment is a bit harder. Have to identify intervals in songs. Not sure if I can do it, but I’ll try!

I practiced my piano already today! Hrm, so…

Food Recording: **
Pianoing: **
Reading: *

Okay, the plan today is to go swimming later, hopefully weather-forgiving, then I’ll decide which book to either start or continue. I just had another idea for a book and I really want to do it, but I also really want to continue the one I stopped quarter-way before heading down to Grandma’s. My instinct is telling me that I should continue the one I stopped and plan the new one out more first. Which makes sense. So, before swimming, I want to get my reading and language done so I’ll have all the time after that to write. :D makes sense? Yeah!!!!

I will read up on the music assignment a bit more before I start on the other two.

Actually, I might just fill in the sheep and keep a record here instead. It seems like the sheep helps me to remember what I have to do everyday, lol! :D So, yesterday was a three star day! Not bad not bad! :D

I just came back from swimming, and after thinking about it, I think a numerical system is more viable in the long term.

Food Recording: 2
Exercising: 1
Languaging: 1
Pianoing: 2
Reading: 1

Like this!! :D SO, it’s like I’m a sim. Or an rpg character. Bwahhaahahah. I was thinking of designing my own like trading card in the shower, then now I’m like.. Yeaaah maybe rpg character would be better. But then don’t most people make an rpg character like them, sorta?

Dunno man!!! Now it almost feels like I’m procrastinating from writing. :| always scary to start writing again after an absence, especially for a wip. It’s like… do I remember the feelings I had when I started writing this? A bit scary. But I guess I can just write whatever the fuck I want and go from there to try and bridge things.

Kind of funny. Today when I went swimming, I realised that they’ve widened the path towards the pool, but it’s still not finished work yet, so we can’t walk there. And they shaved the trees bald. :O

AND I MET A PUPPPYYYY! :D more like a dog beagle. :DDD so adorable!!!!!!!! I was walking on the bridge and then the lady was with her puppy, and the doggy was chasing the chickens in the school through the fence. So the roosters ran left and the puppy ran left and then the roosters ran right and the puppy ran right. And it was quite a big dog. Well, more like medium sized. Then when I walked closer the puppy immediately got interested in me and started trying to follow me, but I don’t really know how to react to a stranger’s dog, so I just smiled at the puppy. And then kind of like walked around to put the owner between me and Mr. Puppy. So I started down the stairs, and then I can vaguely hear the owner telling the puppy to stay, but then at the bottom of the stairs, I realised I had a companion!!!!! The puppy followed me down the stairs!!!! :D:D:D:D SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to pet it and play with it but I was kinda scared of it too, lol. :( I wish I was more brave to play with stranger puppys.

And it was a friendly puppy too!!! I feel kinda bad about not playing with it now. But oh well… maybe if I see Mr Puppy tomorrow or something. But I think it was wearing a harness or maybe that’s the leash? I was wondering if maybe it was a service dog in training… I dunno.

Hm, now that I look at the picture of beagles… doesn’t look like it… the head was kinda bigger. The color is kinda the same, like brown and black and white. But they were like separate patches. Maybe it was a mixed puppy? I don’t know.

Oh pupppyyyyy!!!! Haaaaaah. Why are you so adorable? I wish I could cuddle you and pet you until you get bored.

I swam 16 laps todaaay!!! I had to pour myself into my swim suit cos I’m lardbutt now. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. So on the walk home I was like.. Heyyyy this feels the same, actually, walking home… and the bald trees mean I have a clear view of home now when I walk along the path. Change is a good thing.

Also realised that the colour of my nail polish is the colour of the swimming pool water. Lol. It’s even metallic shiny like the water when it reflects the light sometimes. Guess I was really missing the water the past few months. It’s even slightly green under certain lighting.

So nice to return to the pool. :D yay. Tomorrow I will go again! Hoping it doesn’t rain.
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