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HuRAAAAHHHH!!! :D Guessed correctly. Haven’t started on this week’s work yet, a little behind, me hearties.

In sad news, my period came. :( BUT WELL, AT LEAST I’m not cramppping. I think because I’ve restarted exercise, so no more cramps yay.

Can’t swim for a while… thinking I might go for an early morning walk tomorrow, or maybe in the evening. It rained today so I couldn’t go out. Don’t feel like exercising at home since I’ll have to move about on the bed. :( Don’t wanna stain it.

ZzzzZZZz had a long nap today even though I did get enough sleep the night before, I think. Can’t be helped.

I’m eating this now to lose weight! Well, with the toppings changed each day! On the weekend my mum cooked this dish that she loves, but I don’t really like the starch with it, which was this flat sticky white cake thing. So I just took the mushrooms and meat to cook with my noodles. Yum! It’s low calorie because the noodles aren’t fried like instant noodles, the soup fills you up, and the toppings can be changed. Today I had some of the new year stuff that my aunt bought but couldn’t use for the new year because bc got sick and couldn’t visit. I add cheese sausage and some balls and dumplings. Kind of high calories though, but I didn’t have eggs for breakfast! So needed some protein. I had toast with the on sale goat cheese! :D I think maybe I added just a bit too much. It was a little pungent at some bits. Have to use a lighter hand tomorrow, if I get to eat it again. :D

Renewed books so they’re due on April’s Fools! :D Grandpa’s Physio on 18th this month. Wow, it’s March already. O_O I guess I did do a lot of things in February, so time really flew.

RPG Day 8
Writing: 5
Food Recording: 8=
Exercising: 5
Languaging: 6=
Pianoing: 6=
Reading: 7=
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