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Ahhhh, today was a good day. :D I decided I felt like writing first thing in the morning. You know, change of routine. Which was the most exciting thing that happened today. But hahahaa. I managed to write a lot more than usual! Instead of cramming it in at night last minute. Usually I feel more centered at night, and I’m more productive then, according to some charts I used for recording what I wrote each day. But yaay, afternoon writing is productive too. :D

So I managed to do so much!!!! Read, had a nap, music, all before late at night, so I can enjoy myself!! Wooootttt. I had a lot of fun writing though. I might continue later on in the night.

Ahhhh, I don’t even know if I’m properly on my period yet. Or it’s over or what. There’s a little. I think it’s because I’ve changed environment. I might go for a walk tomorrow morning or evening or something. Hm.

The book is really interesting but complicated. I tried listening to both the book and Kara no Shoujo at the same time, but it’s difficult! Different from listening to music. Got very sleepy quickly and went to sleep. I guessed I was using the same brain areas.

The visual novel is so sad… all the girls dying. :( but it’s awesome because you really feel for the characters. Good job translators!

Submitted my music assignment today. We’re supposed to identify a blues progression, then post a link up. There are answers online, but I wanted to try and identify it by ear. I’m not sure if what I put is correct, but from the score it seems alright. Not sure. I think I rather fail and know I’m wrong than not try and get full marks. So, well, hopefully the people marking me this time know more than me about music and can tell me if I got the right answer or not. I think it’s correct though. :O sounds right.
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