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I CAN READ NOTES NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I don’t even have to fucking memorise it!!! What happened was I was making my notes and then I just… saw the pattern for the major triads. I imagined the piano sideways and it just clicked! Why did no one tell me this before?!!?! I don’t have to memorise the notes! I just have to picture a key board on the staff paper!!!! It almost becomes like some para para thing hahahaha! :D


Oh maaaaan I can’t wait to get to my keyboard tomorrow!!!! I got this figured out!!! :D not doing today because I want to give time for the info to sink in. :D

SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! You don’t know how long this has been irritating me. It’s like… I love listening to music but I can’t play it! It’s annoying. Being able to intake without output is frustrating. Like stuffing gas into a bottle without a release valve.

Now I have one!!! And I will definitely continue learning after this course. I don’t really want to learn classical music at the moment though. That’s so hard!!! I want to learn like pop songs. I know, I know hahaha where’s your taste Reluctanine? But pop songs are so fun to listen and dance to. And they’re a lot easier to play than classical music!!!

And like, if I can play, imagine if I go to my bc’s house and play like Shake it Off and then she can sing and dance to it. Hahaahahahah!!! :D:D::D:D:D:D that would be so awesome.

Should I continue composing? Hm.. I guess I should! Why not right? Nobody says I have to spit out some hit music or some shit. I’ll just use the tools from the songwriting course and the musicianship course and do the best I can!!! There’s nothing wrong with failing here! :D

SO I MUST DO MY BEST FOR THIS LAST ASSIGNMENT! Tomorrow I will compose a Blues Riff and then I will spend tomorrow and Wednesday practicing, then record and submit on Thursday! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I know, I know, my music notes look like mini stonehenges or something. :{ )


Day 21
Writing: 19=
Food Recording: 21=
Exercising: 18=
Languaging: 15=
Pianoing: 16=
Reading: 14

AHHHH! I was so close yesterday!!! But I was super sleepy and tired as well, cos my period has come! Baaaaaaaah! Really wanted to sleep early last night but I pushed a little to finish up things. Now so sleepy too. I’m just gonna count exercise as dancing in my chair or something loool. No vigorous shit.

But this means it’s perfect timing to do my piano! :D Cos my period caaameee!!! :( so I can’t go out and exercise as much anyway. I mean, I could, but it’ll feel uncomfortable and I don’t have cramps this time, lol. Last week was false alarm apparently. I think from all the stress of moving.

Lol, all the excuses, right? Maybe I should try to get up early tomorrow morning for a walk. Then I can shower in the afternoon. YEAH! That does sound like fun. Early morning fresh air and all! :D AND my mum just told told me I don’t have to go for Grandpa’s physio on Wednesday. Cos he can walk already. Just have to walk every day. It’s a waste of time. I told them I don’t mind going, but if they don’t want to, I’m fine as well. I agree. As long as he walks every day it’s better than a one time physio thing.

The bug screen in my room dropped because of the non-sticky duct tape, but my mum helped to fix it! :D hurrah! The ballooon is still there, but I think I’ll put it to rest tomorrow. Oh balloon, I will miss you. :(
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