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Day 40
Writing 2k: 34=
Food Recording: 40=
Exercising: 34 (on hold until well)
Languaging: 32=
Pianoing: 32=
Reading: 32=

Sticker Days: 34, 36, 39, 40

YAAAAYYY!!! Full day today as well. Mwahahahah. So much more time for activities when I don’t swim. With swimming I barely cram everything in. Yeargh. I have time to relax today!

Didn’t go to the museum today. :( nose still clogged so no exercise soon. But I don’t have anymore fever. A little sore throat though.

I got my Musicianship results!!! Yay!!!! Haha, got such high marks because of the grading system. And I think because I tried my best. Really have to thank the teacher, George W. Russell, Jr. for filming such fun videos! Now I can play the piano! (Somewhat.)

Really enjoying the Linguistics course. Feels like I’m learning a lot. :O

Hm. Nothing much happened today. Well, my mum used my chilli paste to cook brinjal. And I had it with the noodles and braised chicken from yesterday.

Book’s nearing the end. Kind of sad. I want it to end with a bang too. Writing will need a lot of polishing once I’m done. I kind of know how to end it but I’m not too sure. I want to ramp up the excitement. Have to be in the way I’m writing. Now it’s a bit more listy. Cos I wasn’t in flow I think. Still not recovered too well. But that’s okay. I will polish my little pebble until it shines!

Learning a lot from a faster pace! :D
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