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YES!!!! Weighing scales say another kg down. :D hurrraaah! Just in time for the fitting today.

I heard Taylor Swift’s song on the radio. The chorus is like… textbook songwriting. Really awesome the way she sang all the vowels. I can almost imagine us all being tribal-like and singing her song around a fire or some shit.

But I wonder if it’s too obvious? Cos you kinda want it to be a little complex so other tribes can’t easily mimic it. At least, I imagine that’s what our ancestors would have wanted! I feel like it’s not as catchy as some of her other songs because of the obviousness of it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is today Christmas? Today is Christmas, right!??!?!?!!??!

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think I can use my mum to design my book covers. Or at least help out a little. She’s designed her company’s e-cards, so I could use her eye on the covers. On top of having another set of eyes for editing. Kinda like how we shop for clothes together. The clothes we both like gets the most compliments.

I think that’s another viable path. Book covers matter a lot, especially with how competitive things are nowadays.

Haha, guess I would call her Quality Control if I ever do hire her.

Decided to add another thing to do every day. Wording is where I learn the meanings and how to use it in sentences of 2 words a day.

Day 103
Morning writing: 30=
Morning dancing: 23
Food Recording: 103=
Writing, 2k: 76
Freeing: 6
Exercising: 86
Napping, 2pm: 12=

Editing, 2scenes: 17
Squatting, 20: 5
Pianoing: 70
Languaging: 80
Thanking: 29
Wording, 3:
Drawing: 34

Teaching: 5
Brushing 10pm: 30=
Stretching: 1
Reading: 76
Sleeping 1am: 20


Sticker Days 94 102
Hit average: 671/100 = 6.71

Fun Elaboration
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs. Swimming pass 10th June.
Editing: Edit 1 B1.
Pianoing: Character theme for b4. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
Languaging: Thai & Norsk.
Thanking: Art of War
Drawing: Stickers. B1 clothes, B4 characters, items. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory.
Teaching: List of websites and youtube. Passage to copy.
Stretching: Hand wrist forearm
Reading: What Every Body is Saying, Supreme Court Decisions

Check phone and start washing machine at 4/5pm
Be quieter after 10pm
Sort out and wash make-up bag
Explore audiobooks
Keep an ear out for job listings for aunt
Jurassic World
27th June Library books due
6th November Peanuts
1st May 2016 J’s Wedding
21st May 2016 C’s Wedding
Reborrow Modern World Architecture by Jonathan Glancey
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