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Aw man, I was watching people swim in a competition on tv. Wow. There were like highlights after that and they were dissecting why the girl got 2nd, and the boy got 1st. It’s like woaaaaah, talk about painful for one and awesome for the other. And the guy was even like oh the guy could have done better, even though he set a record at the competition. I’m like… woah. He was nicer to the girl though, saying she must have been tired. Guess it’s just wanting to set higher standards and being kind at the same time.

It was really touching to see him get his medal while standing on the podium. And when he was singing.

Anyway, I was reading through the script for Ratatouille and this made me smile:

“Something on the TV attracts Remy’s attention; the great Chef Gusteau is being interviewed.”

I really like the fact that they called him “the great” in there, because it’s like… moviegoers aren’t going to see the script, but it was written in there to paint the picture of how revered the chef was. Kinda like providing inspiration to the animators and the voice actors I guess. Though I don’t know if animators do read the script or are most of them just fiddling with models, etc. I guess they would read the script though. Doesn’t make sense not to.

Oh man, I was editing b1 today and the dialogue was so stilted. Can’t be helped since it’s a first draft. So a lot of just cramming ideas down, since I’m working things out. But I really need to edit all that up later.

Mum: When are you gonna throw away the can?

Me: Huh? I got it for you. It means pretty girl.

Mum: What? This?

Me: Yeah.

Mum: Where did you get it from? Did they print it for you?

Me: No, I got it from a restaurant I was at with my friends the other day. I think it’s some promotional thing for them. They also have handsome guy too, but I got the pretty girl for you.

Mum: How much was it?

Me: $2, same price as the other soft drinks there. We were in a restaurant, so it’s more expensive. They have it in supermarkets too. It’s cheaper there.

Mum: What does it mean?

Me: It means pretty girl. You can throw it away whenever you want to.

Mum: How?… oh. Oh! That means vain.

Me: Aw, but I got it for you because I thought it meant pretty girl and you’re a pretty girl.

Mum: Awww, so sweet huh? You call me pretty girl? Even your father doesn’t call me pretty girl.

Me: That’s because he’s gotten used to your prettiness.

Mum: Hahahah! You’re trying to sweet-talk me, huh? What do you want?

Me: :D Well, you said you saw all the hairclips at the shopping center right? Then you didn’t know which one to buy. We could go there on Friday when you get off from work early. Then I wanna eat bibimbap. A lot of vegetables.

Mum: Hahaha! Okay!

:D I wasn’t sweet-talking her to get something, but I was like, eh, I’m here. Might as well get something lol. I’m gonna wear another skirt! And maybe flats this time, to try them out before my friend’s bday. But then we might be walking a lot at this market area, sooo maybe not! I will wear a skirt though. :D

Today was an awesome day again! :D

Day 107
Morning writing: 34=
Morning dancing: 26=
Food Recording: 107=
Writing 2k: 80=
Freeing: 10=
Exercising: 89=
Napping, 2pm: 16=

Editing, 2scenes: 19=
Languaging: 82=
Thanking: 32=
Wording, 3: 2=
Drawing: 36=
Pianoing: 72=
Scripting, 3pages: 3=

Teaching: 7=
Reading: 78=
Squatting, 20: 8=
ProjHing: 3=
Brushing 10pm: 34=
Stretching: 5=
Sleeping 1am: 22


Sticker Days
Hit average: 671/100 = 6.71

Fun Elaboration
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs. Swimming pass 10th June.
Editing: Edit 1 B1.
Pianoing: Chord video. Character theme for b4. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
Languaging: Thai & Norsk.
Thanking: Art of War
Drawing: Stickers. B4 characters, items. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory.
Scripting: Ratatouille p18, then LotR. Research format and dialogue
Teaching: Copy Structure to book, Briefing on book.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Stretching: Hand wrist forearm
Reading: What Every Body is Saying, Supreme Court Decisions

Check phone and start washing machine at 4/5pm
Be quieter after 10pm
Sort out and wash make-up bag
Explore audiobooks
Keep an ear out for job listings for aunt
Reborrow Modern World Architecture by Jonathan Glancey
Jurassic World
27th June Library books due
6th November Peanuts
1st May 2016 J’s Wedding
21st May 2016 C’s Wedding
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