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Today we had red rice wine with minced meat and mee sua for dinner aw yeah I love it!

Me: Wah, it’s so delicious. No matter how many times I eat it, I still love it.

Mum: Yeah, cos we grow up eating this. Of course!

Me: So delicious. Hmm...

Mum: Hm, I don’t think the little girl eat this yet.

Me: What? Really?

Mum: Yeah.

Me: Why?

Mum: She’s not like you. I think we fed you this from very young.

Me: Yeah! I remember eating this when I was very young. Why?

Mum: Dunno. Must be your grandmother gave it to you. I don’t have much control, you know?

Me: Oh. Yeah. I think maybe I ate a small bowl at first then slowly become bigger. Or started from the red eggs at birthdays.

Mum: Those red eggs with the colouring are different.

Me: Yeah. (But I was referring to the red eggs cooked in this…) They should feed her this. It’s really nutritious.

Mum: Yeah, but she’s still too young.

Me: But I ate it from very young.

Mum: ‘cos different dna. You have my genes so…

Me: Oh, so should be okay since our ancestors ate it.

Mum: Yeah. Plus she has asthma.

Me: Oh, so, sensitive. Maybe when she’s older, she can eat it. A lot of nutrients in it!

I wrote 2k for b5 today. I wasn’t exactly planning too but it sort of happened haha. Feels weird NOT to write 2k now, and I figured well might as well write a little since I have the motivation. Then 1k became 2k lol. So yeah, less time for language than I plan, but tmr I can spend the day at home working on it too. No need to go out anymore. So, all’s good.

Why is chicken called broiler in Norwegian?

Because it couldn’t cross the road!!! Ahahahahaha.

No, I have no idea why they call it that.

I thought they called it kylling… why does it say broiler in my Norwegian phrase book…?

OMG THERE”S A chicken breed called BROILER!!!!!!!!!!! And there’s a Norwegian dj duo called Broiler? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAH!!!!

Why did the broiler called broiler become Broiler? To escape the broiler.

(Why did the chicken called chicken breed become DJs? To escape the cooking implement.)

I bet the phrasebook dude must have talked to some farmers or something and they’re like, “Oh yeah totally those are my broilers.” Then he’s high from eating all that sweet chicken meat so he didn’t double-check.

Kjottpudding is meat loaf. LOL.

Yaaay! I completed all the pages I want to copy for today. I realise that I might want to copy about 2/3 more, so I will do that tmr. Also want to read finish the book. The book is quite an easy read, so I’ll do that tmr too. Pen is running out of ink, so I will have to buy a new one soon.

I didn’t do any editing today, but I did think through the plot and characters, and I’m quite happy with all the small changes I made. I just need to polish up the writing and dialogue more.

Today was a good day too! :D

Day 164
Pushuping 10: 33=
Food Recording: 164=
Dancing: 55
Freeing: 55=
Morning writing: 83=
Writing 2k: 118=
Napping 2pm: 51

3 hours
Squatting 20: 25
Editing, character: 46
Publishing: 3
Exercising: 119
Wording 3: 29
Side writing: 9

2 hours
Languaging: 104=
Reading: 98
Scripting: 18
Thanking: 45

1 hour
Drawing: 54
Pianoing: 84
Teaching: 25
ProjHing: 16

Backuping: 26=
Saving: 10=
Brushing 10pm: 85=
Stretching: 50=
Sleeping 1am: 49


Sticker Days 107 108 109 114 121 122 152
Hit average: 1399/160 = 8.74

Fun Elaboration
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs. 5 Aug pass.
Editing: B1P1 Edit finish by this week. Work on prologue at B3’s end.
Publishing: Write Notes. Brainstorm and Research.
Languaging: Thai & Norsk. Videos.
Reading: Norwegian, Taste Matters, Grammar
Scripting: Tempest Scene II. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Thanking: Art of War
Teaching: Check in.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Pianoing: Chord video. Character theme for b4. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
Saving: 3 July 2015
Stretching: Hand wrist forearm

Buy pen
Check phone and start washing machine at 4/5pm
Be quieter after 10pm
Sort out and wash make-up bag
Explore audiobooks
Keep an ear out for job listings for mum and aunt
Reborrow Modern World Architecture by Jonathan Glancey

7th August Gardens with bc, mosquito repellant; dinner with dad
8th August Library books due
10th August Hello Kitty!
Sept Mon&Tue 7-10pm Mum Art Course, art supplies under her bed
6th November Peanuts
Jan Dentist
May Admin Stuff W
1st May J’s W
21st May C’s W
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