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Mum: Here, let me test your english. See how good you are at it. Change the word into an Abstract Noun before filling it in. I’m supposed to fill in the word in this sentence. There was a rush of people to the area where gold was discovered and as a result there was a scarce of food. The word is scarce. At least, the answer is supposed to be scarce here...

Me: It’s scarcity.

Mum: Wah, how do you know? You’re so good at it. Your english is good.

Me: I don’t know what… what an Abstract Noun is, but I’ve encountered scarcity in a phrase in that way so many times, it feels right.

Mum: Yeah, because I invested in a lot of books when you were younger, you know?

Me: Hm, we just learn things differently too, I guess. I don’t need to know the why to know it works. I don’t really care about the rules.

Mum: Yes, but it’s also because I bought a lot of books for you when you were younger.

Me: We also went to the library a lot.

Mum: We didn’t go that often. Have to buy some of the good books to read it.

Me: I thought we went to the library a lot. We always had to carry back a lot of books.

Mum: I bought a lot of books you know? It was an investment.

Me: Was it more than my other friends?

Mum: That one… I think so. Do other parents buy so many books for their kids? I don’t think so.

Me: Hm.

I’ve been to my friends’ homes when I was younger, and they have a lot of books too. Some have more than me, some have less. Some went to the library a lot more than me, some went less. But my compositions were usually in the top of the class all the way.

Also, seems kinda counterintuitive to me to encourage me to read books when I’m super young, then stop me from reading them when I’m in primary and high school so I can study harder. I just got bored of studying and went online to read stuff. And I gave the excuse that I was doing homework. Lol.

When I was younger, before the internet, I remember hiding in the toilet at night or during studying time to read while my mother would bang on the door. So I just said I had constipation. She was still pissed when I came out so another trick I developed was to hide a book on my lap to read. Then when the door opened behind me, just roll my office chair forward and pretend to do the assessment book.

Since I can’t always do that, another method was to play with my erasers like they were people and they would go gallivanting all over the table on adventures. I started doing it in class too, and got my neighbour in on it which kinda pissed off my teacher since I was supposed to help them with their homework since I was a better student, but lol. We just ended up having this elaborate home in her compartmentalised pencil box, with erasers, seeds we picked from recess, staplers, rulers, etc.

I had these mother hen and baby chicks erasers in a suitcase. Like nine of them. That was one of my favourite sets. My mum would always get pissed at me for buying erasers back home and she eventually caught on to what I was doing so I had to do some underground smuggling in my bag, quickly dump them in my stationary drawer and bury them at the back or under other more familiar stuff so they wouldn’t be persecuted.

I think when you forbid someone from doing something, it becomes more exciting to do it. I’m sure my chicks and hen are still somewhere. I want to dig them up but I’m kinda scared I’ll get too distracted playing with them to write lol.

Wrote this yesterday. Thought I would add some stuff.

Two days ago...

Mum: How did you know there’s an escalator here?

The escalator was blocked by this large ad so it couldn’t be seen from outside.

Me: It’s architecture. If you study it enough, you’ll notice that architects like symmetry a lot, especially when it comes to escalators, so there has to be one here.

Lol so we go the secret way to the roof, avoiding the guy blocking our way.


Mum: The guy that was blocking our way yesterday is there today.

Me: Oh, okay. So?

Mum: So, I fell very embarrassed to walk there. That way’s for church service only.

Me: Don’t care. Just walk.

Mum: What?

Me: Just walk.

So I walk ahead, make eye contact with the guy from yesterday, stare at him and walk by him as the lady to his left says, “This is for church service. Over here.” He definitely recognised me. :p But he didn’t say anything.

Went up the escalator. Turn around and see my mum is behind.

Me: See? He didn’t do anything.

Mum: Yeah, sometimes your mummy is too scared.

Me: Don’t need to by scared. Most things in life, just act normal and walk with a purpose and no one will stop you. What’s the worst he could have done? Don’t tell me he’ll come and tackle me to stop me from going up? Bullshit. At the most, if anyone asks what we’re doing here, just smile and say we’re lost.

So we head up the escalator. Then we head up another one, past the conference area. There’s a guy in a suit standing there.

Suit Guy: Are you here for the conference?

Me: *embarrassed grin* Oh no, we’re here to use the toilet. The ones downstairs are super crowded.

So the guy laughs and we go and use the toilet. Bwhaahah. Nice clean large super cold empty and no smell toilet aw yes. Well, no smell until I shitted in there. Bwahahha.

Me: See? Just be straight-forward and they let you walk anywhere.

Mum: Lol!

But yeah don’t be tooo straight-forward.

Mum: Hey, looks like we can go out there from here today.

Yesterday the door was blocked, but today we saw a couple push open the door nearby and walk out. But the usual barrier ahead is there, and since my mum is walking ahead, she didn’t see the other guy in a suit walking towards the couple.

Me: Let’s go the other way we took to get to there yesterday. Don’t antagonise them.

So, we take escalators down, loop around, then take escalator up like the day before again.

Mum: Wow, you really know this place by heart. You know how to walk everywhere now.

Me: Yeah, yesterday we walked here. And I usually can memorise a place once I’ve been to it once.

Mum: Ah, I’m very stressed at work now.

Me: What? Why do you need to be stressed?

Mum: There’s so much pressure from the guy. Sometimes he wants me to do something, and I can’t do it because the others won’t move!

Me: Okay, see. Why do you have to feel stressed? One, can you do something about it? Can I find more information about this problem on the net? Yes I can. Good. You’ve done it. No, I can’t. You can’t, so? Don’t tell me they expect you to grow a third arm when you can only have two. It’s impossible to have more information. So, no need to be stressed. Can I find out more information from other people? Yes, I can. Go find out. Good, got more information. No I can’t. Good, no need to feel stressed as well. No information means no information. Is there anything else I can do to solve the problem? Yes. Have I done it? No? Do it. Yes? Good. I can’t do anything else. No need to be stressed anymore. Other people not moving? That’s their problem not mine. I don’t have to be stressed. All you have to do is document everything. I did this this this, at this hour until this time. I was unable to progress further because so and so told me this and that. Either emails or just write down conversations. Log everything. Even a rough one will do. Then at least during meetings you can show them, I did all this and this. Then they can’t attack you. Rather than sitting there and just saying I already did this, but you don’t show any text, people won’t believe you as much. But if you have a log for proof showing what you did, they can’t argue with you. There, no need to be stressed anymore.

Mum: Wah, lucky I have a daughter who’s so smart.

Me: Ehehehehe. :D *shy*

First time I’m a little lost and looking around a lot for signs, read a directory, maybe asking people for directions, in that order, and also definitely memorising some landmarks in the process. Both right and wrong routes landmarks. Second time I go by feeling of where I feel is correct, especially when the landmark pings in my mind. Third time I have the mental image of the place in mind, landmarks plus most of the surroundings.

Mum: You want to wear that? It’s going to be really cold inside you know?

Me: But it’s really hot outside! It was so hot yesterday!

Mum: But when you go in it’s going to be cold!

Me: My body will adjust to it. I don’t want to be hot. It was so hot when we were walking there. Are you sure you want to wear a sweater?

Mum: Yes, it’s going to be cold.

Me: But we’re only going to be in there a short while. We’ll mostly be walking around outside a lot.

Then my mum keeps quiet and wears her thick long-sleeved sweater shirt.

Mum: You were right to wear like that. So hot. I didn’t take into account there would be so many people today.

Me: Yeah, it makes the place warmer. So hot. It was just barely cool inside. And we walked so much today too!

Mum: Yeah.

Hmph. Bwahahaha :p I felt so light and airy like a fairy wearing shorts and a baggy white shirt aw yeaaaaaah! I didn’t even feel mentally tired at the end cos we were looking at flowers and I felt so comfortable. Kekekkeke.
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