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My newest AA recipe I made a few days ago! :D It’s really hard to get AA! :( that could be because I’ve been spamming jellies to upgrade my farm though, and taking part in HoF challenges ah well.

I just came back from a short walk outside!!!! My dad had leftovers from some function, so I went to get it for dinner. :D it was all fried stuff though. I had a triangle chickpea tumeric with peas, that was 3d triangular. Pyramidal. Then I also had this flat triangle that was like fried bread with I think some curry paste in it. Then I also got some packaged chocolate cake. There’s still some leftovers. I didn’t want to eat all and bust my calorie limit.

Guess what? My weight has been shifting up and staying at 1kg+ for a few days, but today it finally stopped resolutely on the lower end. So I think I’ve lost 10kg if the needle doesn’t go up again tomorrow. I have to monitor over a few days haha. Still want to lose some more weight. I got super fat at my grandma’s from all the delicious food ahahah. :D

I saw this super cute fat cat enjoying life on the court below my block while I was walking aw it was all cute and white and brown. Then it looked at me, so I looked away, then it continued to look at me as I walked away. Aw I love you too cat.

My mum still isn’t home yet… kinda worried.

Yay she’s back!!! Awwww she has a lot of info and she apparently has to do testing to get into the course? Dunno. I think she’ll be fine. I should ask her more about it though.

Okay.. Tmr I have to help her with some course testing stuff. Also read the notice in the lift that thy’re fumigating the rubbish chutes so I have to close the windows at 1pm to keep the cockroaches out. Friday there’s dinner with dad.

Okay just advised my mum. She has another class and is still working in sept, so maybe she’ll jump on the oct class. But I told her to email them to ask them to put her on waiting list, and to ask for books and websites to read, and also to suggest comp specs cos she might want to get a good one.

Lol. This is called si-te planning. She was kinda confused throughout the whole conversation but I can’t blame her since there’s a lot of things to consider in her life now.

I just helped her type out an email lol. Hope things go fine in the next few months. Fingers crossed.

Mum: I have registered for a course-

Me: That’s strange. You wrote “I had registered for a course” here. “I have registered” is right.

Mum: Really? Yeah. I don’t really know when to use had and have, so I just use had for everything! Lol.

Me: You should use have there because, uh, you registered for a course, right? And you’re currently registered in it. So, have. (At least I think so….? I don’t know man, it sounds right to me lol.)

Mum: Ohhhh, like that!

Me: Yup. Lol. Eh but the funny thing is when you speak it out, it’s correct. When you write it down it’s wrong.

Mum: Eh? Yeah. Hm.

Me: Yeah. Actually, when you speak, you speak correctly. When you write, it becomes all wrong. When you write, you should pretend that you’re speaking. I usually write like that too, like I’m speaking.

Mum: Oh!!! Then maybe I should try it out. I will pretend that I’m speaking from now on and see how it goes.

Me: Yup! :D

Day 177
Pushuping 10: 43=
Food Recording: 177=
Dancing: 63=
Freeing: 62=
Morning writing: 90=
Exercising: 125=
Writing 2k: 123=
Napping 2pm: 55=

Wording 3: 33=
Squatting 20: 27=
Publishing: 7=
Editing: 50=
Side writing: 12=

Thanking: 48=
Languaging: 108=
Reading: 102=
Scripting: 21=

Drawing: 56
Pianoing: 86
Teaching: 29=
ProjHing: 17

Backuping: 32
Saving: 20
Brushing 10pm: 94=
Stretching: 63=
Sleeping 1am: 56


Sticker Days 107 108 109 114 121 122 152
Hit average: 1492/170 = 8.77

Fun Elaboration
Napping: Either nap before 2pm or no nap at all to hit
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs.
Editing: B1P1E2
Publishing: Write Notes. Brainstorm and Research.
Languaging: Thai & Norsk. Videos.
Reading: Norwegian, Taste Matters, Grammar
Scripting: Tempest Scene A2S2. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Thanking: Art of War
Teaching: Check in.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Pianoing: Chord video. Character theme for b4. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
Saving: 1-13 July 2015, 1-17 August 2015
Stretching: Hand wrist forearm

Buy chilli ingredients
Check phone
Practice headband hairstyles
Remind dad about health
Remind mum to buy the laundry bag from I
Bonbon Cakery missing Cheesecake from ingredient list
Sort out and wash make-up bag
Explore audiobooks
Keep an ear out for job listings for mum and aunt
Reborrow Modern World Architecture by Jonathan Glancey

Fumigation 1pm tmr
20th August Mcdonald’s transformer
21st August dinner with dad & RSP sale
26th August Mum’s glasses pick-up
31st August Revisit flowers by this date - maybe 15th
19th September Libarary books due
27th September Museum by this date
Sept Mon&Tue 7-10pm Mum Art Course, art supplies under her bed
6th November Peanuts
Jan Dentist
May Admin Stuff W
1st May J’s W
21st May C’s W

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Is "AA" comparable to an "S" rating some stealth games, or games like "Metal Slug" use? If so, you're some Cooking Mama.

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@Brixby Jones

"S" is two levels up from "AA"!!!!! I am still not worthy!!!!

The wiki says: "For 'AA' , 2 person must be fulfilled with 80 points. For 'AAA' , 3 persons must be fulfilled with 80 points. For 'S', 2 persons must be fullfilled with 100 points."

I'm sure they followed the same style of ratings though haha. OMG I wish I lived in Cooking Mama world!!! The food is always so colourful and even the burnt stuff looks cute. Even when I cook up a disaster, I feel happy, lol.
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