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Me: There was a baby at the next table!

Mum: Really?

Me: Yes. He was very cute. Well, kinda chubby. Lol. Cheeks like this. ( )’_’( ) Then he kept staring at me, so I stared back. We kept staring at each other.

Mum: Why’d you keep staring at the baby? Later he cry.

Me: Ah, he won’t cry! We were just staring at each other. I wanted to smile at the baby, but I was too shy.

Mum: You should have smiled at him! Later he cry, then his mother come after you.

Me: No no, he was on the shoulder like this. He won’t cry! We were just staring at each other.

Ahhhhhhh such a cute baby! Kinda overweight though. He had cheeks like a hamster. Babies can get overweight too!

Oh mummy, don’t you understand non-verbal curiosity? Nothing wrong with staring O_O :D

Started the day off with pizza for lunch courtesy of my dad. O_O we’re going to go for a buffet today and he bought this cos he went pretty far away. I just ate a little of each slice. Cut with scissors.

We ate a lot, then I came back, helped my mum with her course, etc.

My godfather didn’t bug me today! He just went, “How’s everything, okay?” I was like, “okay. :D” lol.

He just came back from America! Wah, he went to Denver, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York. Did a lot of things and met a lot of funny people hahahaha! So I was asking him a lot of questions lol.

He bought back a lot of souvenirs!

He bought crabs! So I gave them their own buffet with our food magnets. :D (Both crabs made in china. LOL ah well they’re cute!)

I’m so full. Why did I eat so much? And I came home and chugged a lot of water too. Ow, my tummy. :’( shouldn’t have eaten so much.

I can’t help myself at buffets1!!!! Luckily it’s once in a while.

I wore a black dress today!!! My mum says I look nice from the back and that my legs have slimmed down. :D:D:D tomorrow we’re gonna go out to walk today off.

Losing weight is hard, because if I eat over 400 calories today, I have to take either four days of -100 calories or one day of -400 calories to work it off. There’s a snowballing effect that effects the next few days unless you’re aware and track what you eat or you’re active enough. And how many of us really think of the next few days in advance?

Anyway, can’t wait to go to the museum tomorrow. :D
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